The Paper Chase
Young Bodies Heal Quickly, You Know

by Samuel Barker
November 17, 2000

File Under: Minimalist/Noise
rating: B-

1. This May Be The Last Song You Ever Hear

2. These Things Happen

3. Ever Since The Turn

4. Apple Pies and Alibis

5. Neat; Manageable Piles

6. Can I Pour You A Drink Lover?

7. Lenny What's Gotten Into You?

8. Goddamn These Hands (I Let Them Touch You)

9. A Face That Could Launch A Thousand Ships

10. Throw Your Body On The Apparatus

11. Off With Their Heads

12. Daddy's Got Your Nose

13. Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork

14. When You Least Expect It

15. When (and if) The Big One Hits...I'll Just Meet You There 

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  • Chaos is the only word I can think of the describe the sounds brought to the table by Paper Chase. Hailing from Denton, TX, this band offers you call the chaos, confusion, and noise you can handle. The great thing about this album is that within all the chaos, there is something rather enjoyable, intricate music. A lot of the drum beats are very complex, and other instruments have moments where they shine throughout the album. A lot of the ideas conveyed in the lyrics are just as obscure as the music, but upon review they come to have some interesting connotations. The album exhibits some great musical skill and brings a very rare means of expression to this album. The only band I'm really familiar with that has this kind of sound who pulls it off with the same precision is Shellac.

    The album beings with "This May Be The Last Song You Ever Hear" which is just a minute long wall of noise to get you started in the right direction. This song merges directly into "These Things Happen" which has a great drum beat with an off key piano chord. The guitar work on this track is very interesting. The album follows in the same suit. Paper Chase adds a lot of interesting audio effects into the sound, and with the combination of piano, guitar, bass, and drum, they pull of a great minimalist/avant jazz sound. The album travels through many mood and sound variations. The final song "When (and if) The Big One Hits...I'll Just Meet You There" is the most structured song on the album. It's got a nice withdrawn sound in the beginning. It's got a great melody and really changes the mood throughout the entire song. The melodic piano work on it is supurb.

    The Paper Chase does a great job of bringing something relatively new and unique to the table with this album. From the more hectic tracks like "Can I Pour You A Drink Lover?" to the more melodic withdrawn tracks like "Off With Their Heads" the music is constantly progressing and the vocal tension is always present and growing. This album is available from Beatville Records and if you're into music that pushes limits and makes you ask questions about what music can become, this is a perfect album for you to pick up. Enjoy.

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