The Partisans
So Neat

by Samuel Barker
July 11, 2001

File Under: Punk ROCK
rating: B-

1. So Neat

2. Classified Info

3. Hysteria

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  • After a 15 year hiatus, The Partisans return to bring with them some old skool punk ROCK for all the kids of the present. This CDEP is 3 songs in 8 minutes. The 7" version of this EP is 2 songs in about 5 minutes. I recommend buying the CDEP for the extra song, unless you're too punk rock to buy anything other than vinyl.

    This CD sound like it's out of a time capsule. It's great to see a band, no matter how old they are, be brave enough to play rock. They're still punk, but it's got a real rock n' roll feel to it. "So Neat" is a straight ahead rock n' roll number. The production of the album is poor, but it adds to the vintage feel of the record.

    "Classified Info" is another rocker. The music is really tight, but the vocals are rather sloppy. This again adds to the vintage feel. There is a context where sloppiness is welcome and expected, and that context is this release.

    The final track on the EP is "Hysteria." This is a CD only song, so that's more reason to buy the CD over the 7". It's really the best song on the EP. The guitar riff shreds, the vocals are perfect, and the leads are scorching. Definitely a great rock song.

    This CDEP/7" is available from TKO records. It's definitely something worth picking up, it's got character and some real rock n' roll. Give it a listen, you won't be disappointed.

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