Pearl Jam

by Samuel Barker
October 27, 2000

File Under: Rock
rating: B

1. Breakerfall

2. Gods' Dice

3. Evacuation

4. Light Years

5. Nothing As It Seems

6. Thin Air

7. Insignificance

8. Of The Girl

9. Grievance

10. Rival

11. Sleight Of Hand

12. Soon Forget

13. Parting Ways

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  • Pearl Jam returns with their 5th full length album and it's a rocker. The nucleus of vocalist Eddie Vedder, bassist Jeff Ament, and guitarists Stone Gossard and Mike McCready return with the help of new drummer Matt Cameron to bring you a wonderful album. Pearl Jam does a great job of expanding it's sound while still keeping it's roots in the sound it began with on Ten.

    Binaural begins with "Breakerfall" which is a straight ahead rocker. The overdriven sound is dead on, and Vedder's vocals are strong. "God's Dice" is even stronger, and pulls you in with it's sound. The song is very bass heavy which showcases Jeff Ament's bass playing. "Evacuation" is another great song. It's more relaxed than the first two which allows you to calm down for a moment. The backup vocals on the chorus are great, and as always Vedder's lead vocals are dead on.

    The album continues with "Insignificance" which has a nice building, almost majestic beginning. The guitar work on the song is awesome, and combining that with Ament's bass playing you have one of the best songs on the album. "Soon Forget" is a really great song. It's a solo song for Vedder who plays a ukelele and sings the entire song. This song shows off Vedder's great singing ability. The album closes with "Parting Ways", this is a great closer. The use of strings in the song adds greatly to the mood of the music.

    Pearl Jam shows that there is still a lot of life and creativity left in this band. They continually add quality music to their growing list of songs. This is truely a return to their more rock oriented sound and is full of great moments. Binaural is one of the best Pearl Jam albums to date. It's a definite must have for all rock fans. It's well played, creative, and a quality album from start to finish.

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