Various Artists
Plea For Peace/Take Action

by Meredith Goldberg
September 20, 2001

File Under: Ska/Punk/Hardcore
rating: B+

1.Alkaline Trio- My Standard Break From Life

2.Hot Water Music- Dreamworld

3.Cave In- Jupiter (remix)

4.Thrice- To What End

5.AFI- Who Knew

6.Swingin Utters- Heroes Of The Corner Bar

7.Lawrence Arms- Quincentuple Your Money

8.The Eyeliners- See You Tonight

9.Atom And His Package- Wonderman (Hammer Smashed Ball)

10.Zero Zero- Hello, How Are You

11.Thursday- Autobiography Of A Nation

12.At The Drive In- Catacomb

13.Shai Hulud- Sauve Que Peut

14.Boy Sets Fire- Voice Over

15.Dillinger Escape Plan- Mullet Burden

16.Grade- Little Satisfactions

17.Good Riddance- Yesterday's Headlines

18.Suicide Machines- For The Day

19.The Ataris- Summer Wind Was Always Our Song

20.TSOL- Sold

21.Bratmobile- Gimme Brains

22.The (International) Noise Conspiracy

23.Selby Tigers- Snowball

24.Seam- Inching Towards Juarez

25.Strike Anywhere- Notes On Pulling The Sky Down

26.Jersey- All Rise

27.Link 80-The Last Time

28.Mike Park- Can You Get Me Out Of Here   

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  • Take Action Tour
  • This compilation, put out by Asian Man Records and Sub City Records had a very good cause behind it. It benefited The National Hopeline Network.

    The first song on the CD was by Alkaline Trio. The song "My Standard Break From Life" is very good and much like their other songs. They are a band who make great music, but it's their lyrics that really pull you in. The line from this sing, "I wish I could waste my time without wasting all your time" is just great!

    After recently seeing the band Thrice, who appear on this CD live, I was extremely impressed. They combine emo and hardcore very well. Their song "To What End" on this CD is really good, but in no way compares to how aweosme their live performance was.

    The Eyeliners are pretty good for a "chick band". If I remember correctly, their drummer does a lot of their vocals. Anyone who can be a drummer and a singer is very talented. Their song on this CD "See You Tonight" is pretty cute. It has that pop-punk/girly appeal.

    Thursday's song "Autobiography of a Nation" from their CD "Full Collapse" is an incredible song from an absolutely incredible band. The quality of the song is bad because it's some kind of bad live recording. Don't get me wrong, their live performance will blow you away, it's just not recored too well.

    I was surprised when I found out that the song "Catacomb" on this was by At The Drive In. What I have heard from them previous to this song I have hated, but this song is a lot better than that other junk. The lead and back up vocals in the song are simply amazing!

    The song "Mullet Burden" by Dillinger Escape Plan is very bad. This song seemed to me like such a cliche hardcore song. At least if you're going to be hardcore, do it right! Just some bad screaming and growling is definitely not good.

    "All Rise" by the band Jersey would be much better with different vocals. The vocals are more punk than their music which seems more emo. If they just changed around the music or the vocals a bit, they would sound much better.

    It was really great to hear horns on this song, "The Last Time" by Link 80. After a lot of whiney, screamy bands, it was good to hear a ska influenced band. This song was probably my favorite on the CD and I plan on going out and buying one of their CD's from finally hearing them. After hearing good things about them, I was not dissapointed.

    What better way to end a CD than with an acoustic song? Mike Park's song "Can You Get Me Out Of Here" is really good. The lyrics speak of experiences that everyone can relate to. Who hasn't ever thought to themself, "Can You Get Me Out Of Here"?

    It's good to know that bands care enough to contribute to a good cause. This CD was great to listen to and I am glad to know that by buying it, I helped the National Hopeline Network.

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