Rhythm Doctors
Reggae Injection

by Alex Rud
October 6, 2001

File Under: Reggae
rating: A

1) Musical Doctor 

2) Mark's Mood 

3) Johnny Cochran 

4) Jesse's Song 

5) Judge ITO 

6) Evening Mood (On Bond ST.) 

7) 66-40 

8) Temple of the Dragon 

9) Tell Dem Seh 

10) Feels Good 

11) Mad Dog In the Fog 

12) Dub Good  

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  • The Rhythm Doctors are a reggae band from the rich LA scene. These guys share the scene with: The Vessels, Hepcat, The Israelites, and many others, so you know that this band has some tricks up it's sleeve.

    The new Rhythm Doctors album "Reggae Injection" is finally out on TKO records. 12 songs of pure instrumental, organ-driven, bass powered reggae that is sure to please anyone who has a sense of good music. If you are into Lee Perry, Upsetters, and other reggae greats, you will not be disapointed here.

    Even though every song is in the same style, the CD doesn't get dull. The instrumentals are fresh and well played. The album gives the genre a kick in the balls, and shows the "Today's bands" how it's done.

    Since I picked up the album, I couldn't put it down. I'm enjoying every moment of this CD. Some of my favorite tunes are: "Mark's Mood," "Jesse's Song," which has a mean guitar solo. That is probably one of my favorite tunes on the record. "Evening Mood (On Bond St.) has some excerpts of the song "Ranglin' On Bond St." done by the legendary Super-Sonics. "Temple of the Dragon," starts off with some nice drumming and bass playing. The organ soon steps in and drives the song like a locomotive engine. "Feels Good," "Dub Good" is a dub version of "Feels Good," and many, many more, great songs.

    Get the Rhythm Doctors' "Reggae Injection" and satisfy the reggae purist in you. If you like your music stripped down and honest, you will love this CD. So sit down, take your shoes off, turn down the lights, and pop this mutha into your stereo system....Busta!

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