Various Artists
Sex Sells

by Samuel Barker
December 23, 2000

File Under: Folk, Pop
rating: F
Artist Appearing

Regatta 69

Fenix, TX

Smacking Isiah

RX Bandits 

Jeffries Fan Club

and 20 other bands!!!!

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  • Rina Records
  • When Rina Wear was looking to make an album to help promote their clothing and their site, they decided to make a nice sampler called Sex Sells. They should remember that and actually use sex to sell their gear. The gear is sweet, but the CD is not. It features a great deal of the new teenie bopper viable bands like Fenix, TX and RX Bandits. It's a great way to advertise a clothing line pointed at teens, but the songs are hidious.

    I am now under the opinion that ska isn't dead, but needs to be. Someone needs to drag this dying dog into the street and put a bullet into it's head. There is nothing new these people are doing with it. MU330 had the best ska song on there, and it was pretty weak. There is a reason why ska comes in waves, it keeps becoming stagnant and goes away until everyone forgets about it and it becomes fresh again.

    The better parts of the album come from the punk bands. Even though most are poppy Blink-182 ripoffs. The leader of the pack being Fenix, TX. They have an alternative version of "It's My Fault" that is a lot better than the original version. As sad as I am to say it, it's probably the best song on the album. The hard punk bands at the conclusion of the CD are the best. The bands lack imagination and are really just another group of California wannabe bands. There are around 5 that I would call creditable bands.

    I can recommend checking out Rina's clothing line, they have some cool designs and reasonable prices, and you get this CD free with every order. You can also just get the CD for $6. If you like the new sound of California poser punk(Fenix, TX, etc.> then you'll enjoy this album. If not, buy some clothes and give it as a gift. Either way, it's got a purpose.

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