Rise Against
The Unraveling

by Samuel Barker
May 16, 2001

File Under: Hardcore/Punk
rating: B+

1. Alive And Well

2. My Life Inside Your Heart

3. Great Awakening

4. Six Ways 'Til Sunday

5. 4 0 1 Kill

6. The Art Of Losing

7. Remains Of Summer Memories

8. The Unraveling

9. Reception Fades

10. Stained Glass And Marble

11. Everchanging

12. Sometimes Selling Out Is Giving Up

13. 3 Day Weekend

14. 1000 Good Intentions

15. Weight Of Time

16. Faint Resemblance

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  • Arising from the ashes of 88 Fingers Louie comes Rise Against. This band has a fresh sound that is lacking from a lot of music today. Their mix of metallic hardcore and melodic punk rock makes for a fun and interesting twist. A nice breath of fresh air in a stagnant scene.

    The album opens with "Alive and Well." This is a great power track. It runs deep with hardcore influences of old and new. This is a great track to display this bands combination of styles. "Alive And Well" is a strong opening track. It's something to help get your blood flowing for the rest of the album.

    "Six Ways To Sunday" has a more pop oriented feel. The song still has the definitive edge of all the other tracks, but a bit lighter sound to allow you a break in the power of the previous tracks. The vocals have a great range on this song which helps define the mood of the song. As with a lot of the tracks, you can feel the desperation in the voice and the lyrics.

    The title track, "The Unraveling" starts with a nice bass intro that fades into a slower more mellow starts. But as with the other songs, the tension builds and then gives way to a power track. The vocals on this track adds to the feel of desperation. A great track.

    The final track, "Faint Resemblance" was a great mix of all the styles utilized on the album. It was as hard as any of the other tracks on the album and the pop feel that accompanied many of the other tracks on the album. It was the perfect end to the album.

    This album is currently available from Fat Wreck Chords and any CD store near your home. It's really a wonderful album that mixes a lot of sounds to make a great hardcore blend of music. It definitely gets a nod from me.

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