Rites Of Spring
End On End

by Samuel Barker
January 18, 2000

File Under: Experimental/Punk
rating: A-

1. Spring

2. Deeper Than Inside

3. For Want Of

4. Hain's Point

5. All There Is

6. Drink Deep

7. Other Way Around

8. Theme

9. By Design

10. Remainder

11. Persistent Vision

12. Nudes

13. End On End

14. All Through A Life

15. Hidden Wheel

16. In Silence/Words Away

17. Patience 

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  • Known for their amazing live shows, and limitless energy, Rites Of Spring became one of the most popular bands of the 1980's DC scene. This album, End On End, is a collection of both their original Dischord releases. The album is musically strong on all fronts. In some ways you can base it as a forefather in the emo music realm.

    Headed by Guy Picciotto, currently in Fugazi, this band's songs embraced the emotional side of life. The lyrics speak of past relationships, finding inner strength, and questioning the motives behind our actions. You can hear the sincerity of the lyrics in the urgency of Picciotto's voice. It's not hard to sense the feelings conveyed by the songs when you take in the entire experience of the songs musically and lyrically. You can also capture an idea of the energy this band conveyed in their live shows by looking through the collection of pictures in the cd booklet.

    Musically, Picciotto, who also played guitar, was joined by Craig Janney on guitar, Mike Fellows on Bass, and fellow Fugazi member Brendan Canty on drums. This quartet invented a sound that captured the urgency and power of their lyrics. Janney's lead guitar weaved through the stories conveyed with great precision, while Fellows' bass playing kept the hook.

    All in all, this album is one of the finer albums to come out of the early DC scene. You can see where the members are today to understand the power of the music. They were a band that questioned why they felt the way they did, and why they even do what they do. The album ends with the line "I can't sing this song without wondering why." I will answer that with this, a song is sang to express your thoughts, emotions, and being. Rites Of Spring does all that.

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