Rival Schools
United By Fate

by Dave Maffei
September 6, 2001

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rating: A-

1. Travel By Telephone

2. Everything Has Its Point

3. High Acetate

4. Undercovers On 

5. Good Things 

6. Used For Glue 

7. World Invitational 

8. The Switch 

9. Holding Sand 

10. My Echo 

11. Favorite Star 

12. So Down On 

13. Hooligans For Life 

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  • Rival Schools
  • Considering the track record of the parties involved, it’s not hard to see why there’s so much hype surrounding this, the debut full length from Rival Schools (formerly Rival Schools United By Fate; changed for legal reasons).

    Featuring singer/guitarist Walter Schreifels, who basically helped create the genres of hardcore and emo, United By Fate picks up where his now-defunct World’s Fastest Car left off, and features at least 2 songs from their arsenal.

    Although each member is a veteran of the New York hardcore scene, Rival Schools is refreshingly very un-hardcore. Although retaining a sense of tension and passion, songs such as Travel by Telephone, So Down On and The Switch lament on friendships and relationships without sounding the least bit sappy or (god forbid) e-m-o. Tracks such as My Echo and Hooligans For Life are melodic and aggressive enough to make this a wonderful crossover record; one that will satiate those (like me) looking for projects to dissolve our expectations of the modern state of music, and keep us listening.

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