Radiation Kings
Early Years

by Alex Rud
June 19, 2001

File Under: Ska
rating: 4.7 out of 5

1) Murder 

2) Come Down 

3) Spending time 

4) Gin & Tonic 

5) Number 6 

6) Carry 

7) Messenger 

8) NYC Blues 

9) Can't Find A Way 

10) Dub Me A Way 

11) Dem Try 

12) Hotter Fire 

13) This I Know 

14) Thank You     

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  • Radiation Kings
  • The Radiation Kings started somewhere in the mid 90s during the "ska craze" in the states. Like most bands at the time, they started out playing fast punk/ska; soon, however; they got tired of that stale sound and looked back to ska's roots. They decided that the best way to go is to play the sounds that they have grown up listening to.

    After some added members to the roster, the band that today we know as Radiation Kings, are born.

    Radiation King's musicians have a lot of telent in the instruments they play, but what powers the album, in my oppinion, is Lisa White's beautifull voice; which is almost as beautiful as she is. Radiation Kings are not her first experience in singing. Lisa has 14 years of singing experience under her belt; singing in gospel as well as other.

    Their debut cd "Early Years" which is on Stubborn Records, is one of the best releases that I have heard in a long time. 14 tracks of ear-pleasing Dub/Ska/Rocksteady! The first track "Murder" is a very relaxing tune about loss of love and revenge. Lisa White displays her soulfull, rocksteady-ish, singing style, which you can't help but fall in love with."Gin & Tonic" is a nice little instrumental number power by the organ. "Number 6" features Lisa White's vocals at best, as she sings with her heart and soul; take that Celine Dion. There are a lot more amazing tracks, but I want you to hear them for yourself

    The whole album is amazing from start to finish. I recomend that you take whatever money you have and go to the record store; you can thank me later!

    "We put the Rock in Rocksteady"

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