Reach The Sky
Friends, Lies,
And The End Of The World

by Samuel Barker
April 30, 2001

File Under: Hardcore
rating: B+

1. Let Us Be Damned

2. This Sadness Alone

3. The Crowded Streets Of Boston

4. A Year And A Smile

5. Raincheck

6. The Truth So Familiar

7. Stealing My Soul

8. Good Bye And Good Luck

9. Whenever You Go

10. Sunday Morning Awake

11. My Updated Epitaph

12. Stars Lead The Way

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  • Boston's Reach The Sky returns with it's latest release, Friends, Lies, And The End Of The World. Somehow between their constant travels here and abroad they found time to make one hell of a hardcore album.

    This band will have a great career as hardcore bands go. They tour constantly to promote their music, they make amazing albums, and they love what they're doing. I am very intrigued to see how they progress over the years.

    The album opens with "Let Us Be Damned" which is a great opener. It's fast, furious, and to the point. You can't help but get hyped by this track for the rest of the record.

    "This Sadness Alone" is more along the grounds of old school hardcore. Reach The Sky has a strong punk base to their hardcore sound. It's little more vintage sounding than a lot of the newer "metal" hardcore bands. This helps them greatly when touring with non-hardcore acts which they have been known to do. The sounds on the album are always progressing. The work in "The Crowded Streets Of Boston" is a great. It's a good blend of hardcore and easier melodic punk. Vocalist Ian Larabee has a good vocal range and can weave between the two sounds very well.

    "A Year And A Smile" has a very Good Riddance-ish sound to it. A good blend of sounds. This mixing of dynamics makes this album a constant attention getter.

    "The Truth So Familiar" starts with a great bassline then comes with a great downer sound. The moods are well introduced by the music. Then the song comes straight ahead when the vocals start. The songs on this album have a desperate sound. Like the band is working hard to make you feel what they're feeling.

    "Sunday Morning Awake" is a one of my favorite tracks on the album. The lyrics are very personal and show the insecurities of the writer. It's a strong track with music that helps interpret it well.

    The final track on the album is "Stars Lead The Way." It's got a very elegant sound at first. The bass line is very upbeat and the octave chords are nice. Ian's vocals are even a bit sweeter. The song is a great testament to the pains of betrayal and the uncertainty left in it's wake.

    This album is in stores now and I strongly urge you to buy it. Reach The Sky is a great band and their music is amazing. I enjoyed this album from start to finish. You can get this album from Victory Records' website or at your local record store. Check it out, you'll enjoy it.

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