Stubborn All-Stars
Back With A New Batch

by Alex Rud
June 30, 2001

File Under: Ska
rating: 4.2 out of 5

1) Back With A New Batch 

2) Pick Yourself Up 

3) Glimmer Of Hope 

4) Tired Of Struggling 

5) Because Of You 

6) Dave Helm 

7) I Can't Touch You 

8) Lost Out Again 

9) Thankfull 

10) Crop No Drop 

11) Struggling Version 

12) Pick Yourself Up(Instrumental)      

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  • The Stubborn All-Stars are a NY trad-ska band. They are made up of members of such bands as, The Scofflaws, The Insteps, Skinnerbox, Slackers, and Murphy's Law, making them worthy of the "All-Stars" name.

    Their second studio album "Back With A New Batch," which is available on Tripple Crown Records and Stubborn Records, is nothing short of a masterpiece. The album begins with the title track. Django toasts away like a madman with a mic. Next song "Pick Yourself Up" is a nice tune about picking yourself up when life gets hard. If you listen closely to the end of the song, you can hear Dicky Barret, of the Bosstones, singing in the background. "Tired Of Struggling" is one of my favorite SAS songs of all time, in fact Django still plays it live. "Lost Out Again" is a nice little song about a girl who cheats and lies, but this time her actions won't be excused. "Thankful" features Victor Ruggiero on vocals. "Struggling Version" is a nice reggae version of "Tired Of Struggling" featuring Jack Ruby Jr. doing some serious toasting. The album ends with an instrumental version of "Pick Yourself Up"

    The Stubborn All-Stars are an amazing band, and are made up of some of the best musicians this side of Kingston. They have 3 albums and an EP under their belts, and there are rumors that they will be coming out with new stuff shortly. Get this album at any cost and sit back and enjoy!

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