The Scofflaws

by Alex Rud
May 24, 2001

File Under: Ska
rating: 4.7 out of 5

1) Daniel Ortega 

2) Rudy's Back 

3) Ska-La-Carte 

4) Paul Getty 

5) A Shot In The Dark 

6) Ali-Ska-Ba 

7) Goin' Back To Kingston 

8) Night Train 

9) Guru 

10) The Man With The Golden Arm 

11) Pee Wee's Big Adventure 

12) Rudy In Paris 

13) Moanin    

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  • The Scofflaws
  • When you think of a ska band from Long Island, you usually think of stupid teenagers playing distortion guitars and some stupid school band player, playing one line notes on trumpet. Such is not the case for Scofflaws.

    Their S/T debut album is roots ska which is updated to the 90s sound. Although lately they have been bitten by the 3rd wave bug, after some key members left to persue their own solo careers and to play with other bands. Their debut album features the band at their finest.

    What powers Scofflaws music is their incredibly tallented horn section; played by Richard Brooks, Mike Drance, Paul Gebhardt, and the great trombone player Bufford O' Sullivan.

    The album begins with a little instrumental number "Daniel Ortega" which is a great great instrumental number and the horn playing is tight. "Rudy's Back" describes the ska scene and all it's players. The song "Paul Getty" describing the hardships of a rudy's life; dealing with hating work, smokin up, and offcourse going to great ska shows. The song "Guru" features some of the finest bass lines in the business, powered by none other than Victor Rice. Oh yes, the band also covers theme songs/traditional songs such as: "A Shot In The Dark," which most of you can recognise right away, "Pee Wee's Big Advanture," which is a theme song for his movie; the band get to show off their silly side on this track, and offcourse the 007 theme song "Man With A Golden Arm."

    If you are a fan of ska, then you must by all means get this album. Also get their later releases, but I gotta warn you, they pick up the pace on those a bit; they are good too, but more on the 3rd wave side. Later Rudys!!

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