Shades Apart
Sonic Boom

by Samuel Barker
June 15, 2001

File Under: Power Pop Rock
rating: B-

1. Conspiracy 

2. Beat By Beat

3. Gravity

4. Three Wishes

5. Got Shot Down

6. Shockwaves

7. Rebel Teenager From Mars

8. Radioactivated

9. Behind The Wheel

10. Spell

11. Drive All Night

12. Superzero

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  • Shades Apart
  • After reading the bio on this band I was expecting another boring wanna-be pop punk band like an Eve 6 or SR-71, but what I got was a power pop rock band with some tight riffs and smart hooks.

    The songs on this album blend together so well that you never really get bored with the album and never really notice a dramatic change. This would be a downfall for some bands, but the music of Shades Apart is constantly changing. The great part about the album is that the changes are hard to notice. You can tell the band actually thought about the layout of the songs, they didn't just put them in random order.

    The album opens with a sweet riff on "Conspiracy." The opening riff is like something Jerry Cantrell (Alice In Chains) would lay down. It's hard and tight, but not too edgy; a great combination. The vocals on this track blend so well with the music. It's really an amazing opening track.

    The album rolls on with some great riffs. The hooks in these songs pull you in and make you sing along. I was really impressed with the songwriting on this album. The best riff on the album was the opening riff to "Rebel Teenager From Mars." This had the hook that totally pulled you in.

    This album is available anywhere records are sold. It's power pop rock at it's finest. It's not a cliche of boring, overplayed pop punk, it's something enjoyable and refreshing. Check this album out and you'll be suprised.

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