Few And Far Between

by Samuel Barker
September 22, 2000

File Under: Hardcore
rating: C+

1. Now More Than Ever

2. Within Our Reach

3. No Compromise

4. In Defense Of

5. Few And Far Between 

6. Homestretch

7. Judged

8. Saving Face

9. Afraid To Fail

10. Eyes Wide Open

11. Necessary Means

12. Don't Forget The Struggle, 
Don't Forget The Streets
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  • Sticking with something you believe in makes for a better understanding of what you do. Shutdown has been a hardcore band since all it's members were 15. Over the past 6 years, this band has been a testament to the undying spirit of hardcore and the ability to keep one's ideas alive. Through the years this band has received much support from it's local scene, and all of NYC is behind them. You can hear the usage of the old school spirit in this record. This band does a great job of mixing the old school feel with the new school speed and edge. Shutdown provides a perfect mixure of the past, present, and future.

    The album opens with an oddly distorted guitar strike amongst vaious noised, then kicks into a full speed hardcore rocker, "Now More Than Ever". This is a song about staying true to yourself, and not compromising despite what people try to make you do. This same sentiment is made clear in "No Compromise". The title track "Few And Far Between" is a great track about people who stay true to the scene, and don't just play the role to look cool. As the song states, "by now we've shown we're here to stay, not just friends we're family, we're few and far between." This band has grown up in the hardcore scene, the people are their families, the clubs are their homes, and the ideals of the community are their laws. It's nice to see such conviction from kids who grew up in the hardcore scene and are now coming into adulthood. "Eyes Wide Open" is about looking out for yourself and not giving in to other people's ideas just to be given a path to take. The intellegence and personal strength of the lyrics are a nice compliment to the songs. As a tribute to their roots and their mentors, Shutdown closes the album with one of the greatest hardcore songs ever, Warzone's "Don't Forget The Struggle, Don't Forget The Streets," this is the greatest tribute a band can give to people who believed in them and helped them get better.

    Shutdown has produced a great example of what years of hardwork and knowing your roots can give you. Learning the trade and keeping to the right ideals has helped make Shutdown a legitimate mainstay in the hardcore scene. As former Warzone lead vocalist, Raybeez(RIP) said, "This band is the future of hardcore." And from what this CD shows, the future is still very bright.

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