The Skoidats
The Times

by Alex Rud
October 14, 2000

File Under: Ska
rating: 4.2 out of 5

1. Saturday Skins

2. Granted

3. Whirlwind

4. Alone

5. Last Night

6. Rootsawalkin'

7. Moonstomp'97

8. Still Standing

9. Halfway There

10. Goggles & Blinders

11. Yesterday

12. Josh & Johns' Revenge

13. The Times

14. Beer,Beer,Beer

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  • The Skoidats
  • There is only one band, that stood out from all the other so-called ska/punk acts. That band ladies and gentlemen is none other then the Skoidats. What makes the Skoidats stand out from the pack you say, well it's the way they blend trad -ska w/ heavy oi! influence, which is sure to please those who are "in the mood for ska", but at the same time satisfy that oi! craving in you aswell.

    Originaly started in Helena, Montana(soon moving to Missiola, Montana). The skoidats needed a horn section, so they placed an ad in the newspaper. The ad was soon answered by 2 members of University of Montana, who were the first and the only horn section auditioned. So came the birth of this awsome band.

    This is their debute record on Moon Ska Records, called "The Times". The cd is a remarkable mix off a variety of music(something most ska/punk bands lack), such as ska,jazz and some oi for ya'll, making this album enjoyed not just by one group of people, but a lot of people with a variety tastes.

    The songs on this album show how the Skoidats can still play oi, but remember their ska history/roots on songs such as "Alone","Moonstomp 97" and "Halfway There".

    Let me go through some of my favorite tracks on this cd. This cd has songs about having fun with friends and in general with songs like "Saturday Skins","Last Night", and "The Times" or songs about just drinking beer like "Beer Beer Beer" in which the pay tribute to the creator of beer Charlie Mopps "Long time ago, way back in history there was nothing to drink was nothing but cup of tea, but then came along a man by the name of Charlie Mopps and he made a wonderful drink and he made it have hops."

    Whatever you are into, be sure to pick up "The Times" by the Skoidats and let the good times roll. Even though this band is no more after 2 ep's 2 lp's and a split with their good buddies Inspecter 7, the Skoidats broke up, but their memory lives on. Every time someone picks up a beer at a local pub, the Skoidats will be remembered. "28 years and 3 millions of miles later, we're still stomping." cheers!

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