A Cure For What Ales You

by Alex Rud
September 20, 2001

File Under: Ska, Oi!
rating: A+

1) The Ballad of Breckenridge

2) Too Long

3) Jeckyll vs. Hyde

4) The Tempest

5) Apathy

6) OI (When the Rain Come...)

7) Free Consultation

8) R'aggro

9) Skinhead Revolt

10) Lines on Ale

11) Night of the Droogs

12) Patriot Decay

13) Intermission (not a song)

14) Happy Drunk

15) Back to Work

16) We Will Never Stop

17) Running Riot (Live in Amsterdam) 

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  • Your favorite droogs, the Skoidats, are back with their follow up to their classic album "The Times." The new album is called "Cure For What Ales You." The CD is appropriately tittle, because it always cheers me up when I listen to it, no matter what kind of a day I had.

    The new album follows in the footsteps of the previous one, with that Oi-meets-ska formula that has worked so well for the boys. This album seems to be kind of divided in a way. The first 9 tracks are more ska oriented, while the last 8 are mostly Oi.

    The first track "The Ballad of Breckenridge" showcases the authentic skoidats sound. It's very upbeat, with some nice horns playing. The song is basically about the band getting drunk and rowdy at a party.

    "Oi (When the Rain Come...) is a nice soulful tune. The track is one of my favorites on the album. The lead singer, Justin's, vocals really shine on this one. "R'aggro" is another slowed down tune on the album. The song is basically about fighting, so if you don't like it-too bad!

    "Night of the Droogs" starts off the Oi part of the album. The song, as the name suggests, goes out to all the droogs out there. "Patriot Decay" is a song about being proud in ones country. "Happy Drunk" is basically a song about the bands' love for beer.

    The album ends with a cover of a Cock Sparer's tune-"Running Riot." The song is live from their gig somewhere in Amsterdam.

    The Skoidats come up with another winner, too bad that they broke up shortly afterwards. The Skoidats will be missed; there will never be a band like them-ever!

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