The Slackers

by Alex Rud
June 30, 2001

File Under: Ska
rating: 4.1 out of 5

1) Cooking For Tommy 

2) Watch This 

3) Married Girl 

4) I Still Love You 

5) Soldier 

6) Fried Chicken/Mary Mary 

7) You Must Be Good 

8) Redlight 

9) Tin Tin Deo 

10) She Wants To Be Alone 

11) Rude And Reckless 

12) Come Back Baby      

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  • The Slackers
  • Slackers are NY's pride and joy. These guys fuse ska, rocksteady, reggae, and other musical influences to make a sound that is their own and no one else's. Their sets are always energy packed and last for more than 2 hours. That's 2 hours of dancin'; think you can handle that chump.

    Their second studio album,"Redlight," is some of the best work they have ever done; not to take anything away from their other albums, which are masterpieces of their own.

    The album kicks off with "Cooking For Tommy." A nice tribute to the legendary Skatalites' Tenor-Sax player. "Watch This" is a song that appeared on "Give 'Em The Boot" compilation, so I'm sure a lot of people are familiar with the track. "Married Girl" is a song about falling in love with a married women. "Soldier" talks about the Nazi-like, NY cops that plague our streets. "Redlight" is about girls changing after they break up with you;a subject most guys can relate to. "Rude and Reckless" is the best song on the album. It's about father giving his son advice on how to be a man. Guest vocalist Paul Parkins does an amazing job.

    Pick up this album, as well as other albums of theirs;you won't be disapointed!

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