The Slackers
Live At Ernestos

by Alex Rud
September 6, 2001

File Under: Ska
rating: A+

1) Intro

2) Sooner Or Later

3) Married Girl

4) Do You Know

5) Sarah

6) Mush One

7) I Still Love You

8) Soldier

9) Keep Him Away

10) Work Song

11) Feed My Girl

12) Face In My Crowd

13) You Don't Know I

14) Pedophilia

15) Runaway

16) The Fried Chicken Song   

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  • The Slackers
  • The Slackers are one of the finest ska/reggae/rocksteady bands in the US. What I love about them, is that every time they play live, you know that there is a party in store. No one goes home dry, and no one goes home disappointed; even if you are not into ska music.

    The live album "Live At Ernesto's" is a compilation of the Slackers' 2 day party, in a small club, located in Holland. The album is very good, and, although it doesn't capture the complete sound of the Slackers' live show, it damn well does it's best.

    Some of my favorite songs, on this album, are: "Married Girl," "Sarah," "Work Song," "Mush One," "Phedophilia," "Keep him Away," and many, many, other songs. The album last for 1 hour, and it's a whole hour of, great, Slackers live music. All throughout the album you can hear the audience cheer, and you can see the band responding by getting into their set.

    The album isn't a good album to start with, if you are just getting into the Slackers. The album serves more as a collection for all the dedicated Slackers' fans. I suggest getting all their studio albums first, or going to check them out live.

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