Designs For Automotion

by Samuel Barker
April 26, 2000

File Under: Hardcore
rating: A-

1. Target

2. Disconnector

3. Bleeding Orange

4. Typecast Module

5. Are You Tuned In?

6. Twentieth Nervous Breakdown

7. Energy Dome

8. Ambition Now

9. Break The Static

10. Blemish

11. Box Seat

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  • Being a Snapcase fan, but not really a true hardcore fan, I was a little reluctant to review this CD. I wasn't too impressed with "Progression Through Unlearning". I listened to it, but it never really made it into any of my music rotations. So I was worried that "Designs For Automotion" would follow suit. However, the recording methods, and overall performance on the album makes "Designs For Automation" the best Snapcase album to date. The band gets more mature with each album, and you can hear the tightness this band possesses on every recording. As always the lyrics on this album are hard hitting and thought provoking. A great release for a veteran band like Snapcase

    "Target" begins with a shallow sounding, noise intro. Reminiscent of the intro to Fugazi's "Do You Like Me". Then the song explodes into a hard hitting intro riff that gives way to a bass heavy verse. Daryl Taberski's vocals are a pained roar through the verse, and then give way to a strong slicing yell by the chorus. "Bleeding Orange" is a sweet song. The intro has a nice sound with the interesting chord choices of Frank Vicario and Jon Salemi. It's a soft intro, that has no problem breaking into the harder tones of the remainder of the song. "Typecast Module" follows suit with a slower, more deliberate verse. "Twentieth Nervous Breakdown" is a more straight ahead song. Strong powerful guitar, driving bass, and heavy hitting drums. A nice midpoint song. "Ambition Now" rocks! I loved this song. It grabbed me by the head, and forced me to listen. "Box Seat" is the final number, and is a nice swansong for the album. It's got a nice noise intro to the song, and is very eclectic at times. I loved this song. A great way to end an album.

    This album showed a great deal of growth as a band for Snapcase. The album goes all over. From hard as fuck hardcore to some slower more deliberate moments. It gives us a good view of the more creative side of hardcore. Where a band can become a force. This album is one of the more creative, moving pieces of music the community has to offer, may you enjoy it completely.I will close with a caption from the album.

    Designs For Automotion: the design is yours, created solely by you. fall into yourself to shield you imagination from popular influence. the design is pure, but complicated and only you understand it. these are your true dreams. achieve automotion, activate those goals and dreams that instill fear in your next step. step up to these challenges and accept them as part of living a truly meaningful life.

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