Numb Nuts

by Jason Edwards
September 9, 2000

File Under: Mod Punk
rating: 4.6 out of 5

1. Pixies

2. It's a Long Way Down


4. Marbles

5. Numb Nuts

6. Reach

7. Another Wet Weekend at the Tundra Theme Park

8. EFL VS Cocrete

9. Fuck off

10. Yuki

11. Hilda Ogden and the Thick Plottens

12. Soup of the Day

13. Cake

14. Bottom of the River

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  • I suppose me reviewing a snuff album isn't as fair as some of the other bands I could.What I am trying to say is that ever since I picked up my first single of the band, titled Schminkie Minkie Pinkie(wait till you hear some of the other albums titles). I have been totally engulfed by this bands musical presence and various musical influences. This is evident on the above mentioned EP as they cover the spice girls song "Wanna Be", and the ever present sounds of trombone and Hammond organ on almost all of their songs. You immediately get the idea in your mind that this is no ordinary English punk band.

    But on with their new album(cause if you wanted me to talk about there other albums I own it would take quite some time). The title "Numb Nuts" immediately gives you the impression that these 5 blokes from London are just goofy punkers out for a good time, which I must admit they are quite good at being. But from the first guitar riff and chords on the organ as the first song "Pixies" begin you hear a almost haunting story. In fact I almost get that impression from the whole album. There catchy hum along harmonizing gives even first time listeners something to participate in while listening. One thing that Snuff does in its songs is they sing about what really goes on out there. Not the things they want to happen, which seems to be a very over used theme in most punk bands out there. I mean that isn't bad. Its good to be idealistic, but you also need a good kick in the ARSE to keep your feet on the ground. It is refreshing to hear this as they sing about loves lost and wanted, going crazy, making tough choices and so on. In fact what I think may be the best song on the album "Reach" (which they happen to have a album of the same name) the final line "a day with you is a special day" and the chorus of "I wanna spend my time with you" is something we all feel when we fall in love. This strays from the over all feel of the haunting nature of some of the songs. But you don't mind, in fact that's what I think makes snuff such a special band. There ability to play to all different offshoots of the punk genre. The hardcore and emo, too the classic punk, and pub rock. These boys can play it all.

    Songs like the above mentioned "Pixies", "SQ II", and "Another wet weekend at tundra park" go along with that haunting spell binding sound, as the bass pounds along you are almost caught in a spell binding weave of the organ and guitar. Songs like "Marbles" and, Fuck off. Bring you back to the lighter side of things. I was reading the local paper a couple days before they played here two weeks ago. They defined Snuff as "crazy carnival punk". I think this album is proof that Snuff is anything but that. Sure they play some silly stuff, but there songs hit home in a way that very few punk bands do, if you can make out the words of the English slurring. To sum it up, Snuff is a well kept secret in the modern day world of punk. Where it seems hard to go unnoticed. Sure they are very big in there native land, England. But here they seem to have a cult following within the punk scene here in the states. Which I think suits them just fine!

    So my suggestion, find their CDs and buy them, and look for Numb Nuts cause it may be there best yet.

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