Blue Gravy: Phase 9

by Samuel Barker
June 11, 2001

File Under: Punk
rating: D+

1. Slipt

2. Prisoner Abroad

3. Blue Gravy

4. Emperor

5. Damaged

6. Ichola Buddha (new version)

7. Night Of The Li's (new version)

8. Caught In Session (Live)

9. Ecstacy (Live)

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  • I've always heard a lot of great things about Snuff, so I was really excited to be getting this album. Well, I was let down to say the least. What I heard was just another band with nothing too new or interesting to offer. I was bored with most of this record.

    The album opened with a promising track, "Spilt." It was a straight up rocker. Good energy and got the blood flowing. This track bordered on the line between punk and hardcore. It really got me stoked for the rest of the album.

    The problem with this album laid in the instrumentals. These were the most boring instrumentals ever. The point of an instrumental is to lay down intricate overlapping musical tracks that are in no need of vocals. These songs left you waiting for the vocals until they ended. They were very simple and had no character.

    "Blue Gravy" was the first instrumental, it was decent. There was some stuff going on, but it was like the intro that never ended.

    The second instrumental, "Damaged," was the worst. I was completely bored with this track, it desperately needed vocals. There were no dynamics to the song whatsoever. It was stripped down punk song without vocals. It was hideous.

    The next instrumental was "Night Of The Iris." It was the strongest of the instrumentals, but still lacked. It had some intellegent musical work, but for the most part it was boring.

    The live tracks at the end were the saving grace of the album. They were suprisingly energetic and had a fun sound. I just wished the rest of the album could have had this kind of feel.

    This album is available from Fat Wreck Chords. If you are a die hard Snuff fan, you may want to buy it, if you're not, buy Numb Nuts it's money better spent.

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