Picking A Man Off the Ground

by Matt Peterson
August 4, 2001

File Under: Emo/Punk/Rock
rating: 3.6 out of 5

1. Picking A Man Off the Ground

2. Sleepyteacher

3. Down Stream 

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  • X-Mist Records
  • This is Soeza's first vinyl release on Germany's X-Mist Records. The first song has a good catchy groove, like a pop-ier Magro Kuso. This is a good song, with good music and good vocals. This is good lo-fi production for a band described as "funky hardcore from the UK."

    The second song features some horn sound, which I'm not into. It has Chili Pepper like vocals. It is pretty good, but not as good as the first one, although it is catchy in it's own right. This band is good at their instruments, and this record features good production. The song-writing isn't amazing or groundbreaking, but it's good. It has good rhythm and percussion. It is a good song (but I don't like the horns).

    It is a good song (but I don't like the horns). The third song features more horns, which I still don't like. The production of the vocals makes them pretty low, with the horns being louder, but the style is original and interesting. This song is interesting and more original then the last. The guitar, bass and drums are good, but the horns really piss me off.

    The record has good stream of consciousness vocals. It shows good, catchy, original, song-writing skills, and features a band very tight. But the record lacks a kick your ass power and togetherness. I would still like to see this band live, and would like to track their progression and growth and hear another release.

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