Sick Of It All
Yours Truly

by Alex Rud
August 27, 2001

File Under: Hardcore
rating: B+

1) Blown Away

2) Nails

3) The Bland Within

4) Hello Pricks

5) District

6) Disco Sucks, Fuck Everything

7) America

8) Hands Tied, Eyes Closed

9) Turn My Back

10) Broke Dick

11) Souvenir

12) Cruelty

13) This Day and Age

14) Ruin

15) Cry For Help

16) No Appologies 

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  • Fat Wreck Chords
  • Sick Of It All's 2nd album, for Fat Wrech Chords, titled "Yours Truly," has been out for quite some time now, and has gotten a mostly positive response from the fans. When I picked this album up for the first time, I was kind of reluctant to give it a chance, because i thought that, in some way,the album lacked the power of the band's earlier releases, such as: "Blood, Sweat, and No Tears," "Built To Last," and even "Call To Arms."

    When I gave the album a better listen, I found out that the band is progressing their sound without leaving the hardcore factor out. "Yours Truly" shows growth in the band, and whether you like it or not, Sick Of It All are constantly evolving their sound, and seeing what they can accomplish with their music.

    The first song "Blown Away" kicks off the album with a bang. The song is a straight up hardcore track, and is done in a way that fans have expected from the band, for so many years now. "Nails" follows suit. The song is feuled by great emotion, and the lyrics are really deep. "The Bland Within" reminds me of SOIA's early stuff. The song is played in a very fast fashion, and it packs a punch(not to sound corny).

    "Hello Pricks" is probably my favorite song on the album. The song is about all those people who take hardcore music, and use it as their soundtrack for violence. The track is very good to sing along to, and will be the crowd favorite for many years.

    "Broke Dick" sounds like something off the "....No Tears" album. It has that old school edge, speed, and power. "Souvenir" starts as a very melodic tune. You probably wouldn't recognise that that song is done by SOIA, if you would hear it on the radio. Somewhere in the mid songs, Lou's screams come in, and the good ol' SOIA sound is restored. The track is very addictive, and it sticks in your head for a long time. People should give it a shot, even if they are only into hardcore.

    "Cry For Help" is another old school sounding SOIA track. It sounds like the band is pouring all it's heart into it, and the result really shows.

    The album definately is another chapter in Sick Of It All's dynasty. SOIA proves why they are the "Kings of hardcore." Go out an get it, if you already haven't done so, and enjoy the hardcore reality of Sick Of It All.

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