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Gibbs Brothers
New Breed
Bedford, Thesupereighteen, Sometimes Seven,
and Floatation Walls
Split CD

by Samuel Barker
July 21, 2000

File Under: Pop punk, Pop
rating: B+


1. Pistollero

2. Heat

3. Happy Birthday To Me

4. Forgive And Forget

5. Kiss - Me - Quick







Sometimes Seven

11. This Might Excite You

12. Things Better

13. Careers In Sleeping In

14. Charcoal (what I get)

15. In A Day

16. Seeing Red 

17. Super Sick

The Floatation Walls

18. Robot Soul

19. The Wolf

20. Same On The Moon 

21. I'm A Bear

22. Heart Flow

23. Bonus Track!!!

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  • Let's begin by saying this is one of the most brilliant ideas ever, taking 4 bands who probably didn't have the ability to produce a full length CD, but wanted a CD, and their labels getting together to make a 4-way split. You get a great disc with 4 bands and 22 songs that is absolutely awesome. It's also brilliant because if someone buys it from one band, it gets 3 others heard. It also uses all the space on the CD which is great. I would like to see split CDs soon take the place of 7" records. This is the way to go.

    Bedford is the first band to play on the CD. They come to use straight out Pennsylvania, and show New England has some life in the pop punk community. They have the strongest sound on the CD, and are the power section when most of the bands on the CD are pure pop bands. They are a nice blend of 90's pop punk, and 50's rock. Sometimes it's hard to believe so much sound is coming from a 3-piece band. They tear through 5 songs with precision and catch you right away. The first song they do "Pistollero" is my favorite. It's got a classic pop punk feel, but with an edge. The messy backup vocals add to the feel. This is a fun band I'd love to see more from.

    Thesupereighteen is next. This Chicago, IL band didn't label any of their songs, but proceeded to give a nice effort on the CD. They are pure pop. Soft vocals and very nice harmonies. They have a very pop/emo sound. They sound very similar to Slowride who I reviewed not too long ago. They are a pop band, with just enough distortion to fall into being a pop-punk band. This band is also a 3-piece, and continues with the trend of making a great deal of sound with a small band. The guitar work on the songs is great, a lot of arpeggiated chords, and octaves. Everything flows right along. It's very catchy and gives you feel good state of mind. Very impressive.

    The pop sound keeps flowing with Sometimes Seven, this is a very melodic band with a few sketchy moments of distortion and stop and go vocals that gives you a feeling the band is much more volatile live. The bands has some moments of true pop when "Things Better" starts to some messy "oh oh's". The vocals are kinda rough at times when Phil Avalos' voice breaks, but for the most this band has a very agreeable sound. I feel they'd be a good band live, but have a hard time putting their sound on album. They don't sound bad on album, you can just hear the lack of punch in the tracks.

    The Floatation Walls are a damn good bands. Their lyrics are off the wall, but musically they are impressive. They use an assortment of instruments, and have a similar sound to a band such as The Flaming Lips. The sound is hectic, and constantly changes. "The Wolf" has that formula. It ventures through so many sounds, and the lyrics are just like a children's book. It's all very cut and dry. "I'm A Bear" is the new anthem for weirdos everywhere, you can't help but sing along "I'm Amelia Earheart, just kidding, I'm a bear!" I totally enjoyed this bands songs.

    If you're looking for an album that covers a few different sounds, is very catchy, contains some of the poppiest and weirdest songs ever recorded, and gives you over an hour of entertainment, I recommend this CD to all of you. They are available from Grub Records for $6 ppd. You can contact Grub Records from the links section to the right. I highly recommend ordering this CD. It's an amazing album.

    Samuel Barker is Senior Editor. Contact him at suma@rockzone.com.

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