Break The Cycle

by RZ staff
July 11, 2001

File Under: Hard Rock/Metal
rating: 4.0 out of 5

1. Open Your Eyes

2. Pressure

3. Fade

4. It's Been A While

5. Change

6. Can't Believe

7. Epiphany

8. Suffer

9. Warm Safe Place

10. For You

11. Outside

12. Waste

13. Take It

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  • Staind
  • In a time of empty lyrics, promotion of appearance over talent, and the ever-reigning rap/metal bands, come bittersweet choruses and angst-filled guitar riffs known as the band Staind.

    Very rarely does a band expose their fans to a winding road full of pain and hopelessness like Staind does. The band's first album, Tormented, revealed the raw feelings of a band whose front man Aaron Lewis captivated the minds and souls of teenagers and young adults tired of the vanity that has overcome life.

    On the second album, and first major-label debut Dysfunction, Staind took their talent a step further. With tighter riffs and a balance of melodies and sorrowful screams Staind continued to reach out to more fans making a place for themselves in modern rock.

    Staind's newly released album, Break the Cycle, not only shows the continuing pure talent of this band, but it shows that despite fame and exposure there are bands that remain true to their ways. Break the Cycle is the candid progress of Staind. The album's many layers flourish with each spin. This time around, Staind approaches its fans with more melodic lyrics that contrast greatly with the raw growls that draw support from the distorted guitars. Bass playing lays the foundation to the concavity of the album's lyrics.

    Break the Cycle exposes the vanity that continues to blind us from the wrong ways of this world. Lewis narrates a story of his own in each song as he describes a world of never ending pain in which we refuse to open our eyes; a world that longs to suffer and yearns to hear of anger and fear; a family that refuses to see the truth and lives in the rotting world of silence.

    On Break the Cycle, the band uses its feelings of emptiness to reveal the dreadful and frightening world we live in. From his infinite hole of depression, the unstained purity of Lewis' voice and lyrics grabs the hearts of those experiencing anguish and pain. Through the bittersweet choruses, Aaron Lewis opens his heart and lets his demons out with each story of love, hate, and despair.

    Lewis, without a doubt, has one of the most expressive voices in modern rock. Though his lyrics primarily were for his sole emotional support, they now touch thousands of the band's fans. Break the Cycle is a perfect cure for anyone feeling depressed and empty. At the end of the album it becomes obvious that you're not the one who's messed up - the world is.

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