Staring Back
Many Will Play

by Samuel Barker
February 6, 2001

File Under: Pop Punk
rating: C-

1. One More Year

2. The Situation Will Come Online

3. Many Will Play, Few Will Win

4. Six

5. D I Why?

6. Mom

7. Got No Name

8. A Little Something Like This 

9. Every Other Day

10. Odds Against

11. Jump The Gun

12. Reliance

13. Joey

14. Interstate

15. Came Up Short

16. Distance Between

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  • Staring Back has a good blend of harder punk rock and pop punk. The sound isn't really anything too innovative, but it stays true to the established sounds of punk rock. Staring Back is a strong 5 piece band from California, and you can totally hear it in their sound. They are true to the sounds of their home turf. The sound is thick and strong, yet agreeable. A good mix that will help them pull in a strong fan base.

    The album opens with "One More Year". This is a great pop punk number that has some great music and awesome vocals. The sound is very agreeable and the bass playing is a strong presence. "The Situation Will Come Online" keeps on with the great power pop punk sound. It's blends well with the tracks around it. "D I Why?" is a nice 32 second hardcore rocker to make sure you're still with the band and ready to keep going. This brings us right into "Mom" which is a funny song about having a mom that was in the old school hardcore scene and still lives it to this day. It's a great track and will have you wishing you had this mom. "Odds Against" is another of the 30 second-ish rockers. It's another one of the check up songs to make sure your still there and that your blood is still flowing.

    "Joey" is probably the best track on the album. It's got a great indie pop sound with some wonderful guitar work. A definite pleaser. The last track on the album is "Distance Between". This track has a great pop punk sound and stays true to the other tracks on the album. The back-up vocals are a great touch and sound wonderful. The album then goes into an area of silence then you hear an answer machine message that goes into a cover of RKL's "Think Positive". This is an awesome cover for this band to do. It's a rocker and is definitely the same kind of sound they have. Great closer.

    This is a fun album to listen to and will keep you in the California sound if that's what you enjoy. The songs are short, sweet, and positively ready to rock you. The album is available direct from Lobster Records where you'll be able to get it for a good price. Give it a listen and enjoy the sound, it's sure to please.

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