Swingin' Utters

by Samuel Barker
January 17, 2001

File Under: Punk Rock/Country
rating: C+

1. Pills & Smoke

2. Taken Train

3. Watching the Wayfarers

4. The Note

5. Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?

6. Playboys, Punks, and Pretty Things

7. Second Skin

8. Eddie's Teddy

9. Teen Idol Eyes

10. The Green Glass

11. Scum Grief

12. Another Day

13. Step Inside This Room

14. Little Creeps

15. My Glass House

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  • When you think of old school punk survival one of the first bands who should come into your mind is The Swingin' Utters. With a great mix of old style country, rock n' roll, and straight ahead punk rock, their sound is one of the few reminants of some of the best music to ever exist. This album was so refreshing. The use of instruments was amazing. This is one of the few punk albums to contain mandolin, piano, pedal steel, and various other country related instruments. This was a strong album with a great rock n' roll vibe.

    The album opens with "Pills and Smoke". This is the epitomy of Swingin' Utters music. It's fun, straight ahead, has a great tale in the lyrics, and gets you in a great mood for the remainder of the album. "Taken Train" follows suit, and has some great lead guitar work. "Watching The Wayfarers" has a great country-ish sound. It's reminicent of some of the music for The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. The song is a great testament to the many musical influences of this band. "Eddie" reaches back to the old 50's style rock n' roll edge. It's got a great sound, great lyrics, and totally gets you moving. "The Green Grass" is a great drinking song. It's got some accoustic sound to it which when added to the piano, and pedal steel makes for a great song. The many sounds of this album make it truely entertaining from beginning to end.

    I strongly suggest purchase of this album to anyone who is a fan of punk rock, or a fan of the alt. country scene. This band isn't doing this to be trendy or cool, they're doing it because it's what they know, and it's what moves them. This album is available from Fat Wreck for $10, which is a great deal. This is a fun and rockin' album. It's guaranteed to move anyone who has a pulse.

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