"Songs from the Grave"
(Jump Up! Records)

by Marc Chauvin
April 15, 1999

File Under: Ska
rating: 4.5

1. Life Slips Away

2. Burning Down The House

3. Guilt

4. Stop Drop And Roll

5. Do Something

6. Hunk Of Burnin' Love

7. Mi Vida Loca

8. Water, Water, Everywhere...

9. Show Up You

10. How Not To Put Out A Fire

11. Not The Way

12. The Russian Speaks

13. Payin' Our Dues

14. Sugar Is Flammable Isn't It?

15. Bomb

16. No One Left The Practice Space Alive

17. All You Can Be

18. Whatever You Do...Don't Panic

19. Crazy Train

20. More Noise And Other Disturbances

21. Another Day

22. Hellfire And Damnation

23. Overture

24. Holy Roller (Live)

25. American Ninja (Live)

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  • "Just when you thought the past was dead and buried, an icy hand reaches out from the great beyond."

    Songs from the Grave is a compilation of Thumper's first two releases; Rabbit Wreaking Havoc (1991), and Another Day (1993). Only 2500 copies of both recordings were pressed. This collection also contains two live tracks from a live show in Portland, ME in 1996. "There really was a fire in our practice space while we were writing the song "Sinners, Blasphemers, And Fornicators", listen in horror as we battle the conflagration." Songs from the Grave is dedicated to all of the musicians who have played with Thumper. We are lucky to have had a chance to play music with you, and are better musicians and people for having done so. This collection is also dedicated to all of the people who have pesters, badgered, and threatened us to re-release these lost recordings. You asked for it." - Liner Notes from Songs From The Grave

    As you listen to songs from the grave you are immediately enraptured with Thumper's unique blend of ska, punk, and metal. Throughout there eight years of existence, Thumper has been a key force in the ska scene in the Northeast, touring nationally for the past two years all over the eastern seaboard, the Midwest, Texas, and the West Coast. This collection of songs from the early days of Thumper are some of the best Thumper songs I've heard, and I own both of their last two CD's ("Hellfire and Damnation" and "No One Left The Disco Alive") which I listen to on a regular basis. I received this CD in the mail from Jump Up! Records out of Chicago, which will release this CD hopefully in early April (the street date is April 6th). Thumper is a crucial part of the Ska-core and ska punk genres of music, lending their maniacal lyrics and metal sound to create a band worthy of world domination. Recent death threats against the band haven't diminished their reputation as a killer live act to catch. Their infamous "American Ninja" costumes, considered the cause of the threats, and their underpinning themes have brought this band to the forefront of the skacore/ska punk genres.

    Thumper is a force to be reckoned with, and Songs From The Grave is testament to the power of Thumper and the power of good ol' ska. Thumper is a definite member of my arsenal of ska, a definite keeper. Go out, buy the CD when it comes out, and learn how to put out an electrical fire in your studio.

    "For rain it hath a friendly sound to one who's six feet underground; And scarce the friendly voice or face, a grave is such a quiet place." - Edna St. Vincent Millay

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