by Seth Quillen
July 14, 2001

File Under: hard rock
rating: B

1. The Grudge

2. Eon Blue Apocolypse

3. The Patient

4. Mantra

5. Schism

6. Parabol

7. Parabola

8. Ticks & Leeches

9. Lateralus

10. Disposition

11. Reflection

12. Triad

13. Faaip De Oiad

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  • Tool
  • The guys from Tool have a much different approach on their latest endeavor "Lateralus". It seems that they have been on somewhat of a spiritual journey for the last five years.

    The opening track "The Grudge" launches into a new placing of tool's musical genius. The different rhythms and changing vocals seem to be the strong point in this song.

    "Eon Blue Apocalypse" has a sweet modern western feel that the guitar leaves you with almost painting a story in your mind while you listen to it.

    This leads into "The Patient" which I will say is a remarkable song all the way around. The guitar seems to tell the story as the lyrics guide you while the strong bass line and hypnotic drums will have you feeling this song inside and out.

    The next track is "Mantra" which I really am not sure what this sound is. It reminds me of whales communicating but I've heard a possibility of it being a spirit that was summoned. Still a rather interesting listen. This leads up to the first single off the album "Schism". I'm sure most of you have heard this song so I won't go into anymore detail.

    Then you will hear where the CD takes off. Enter the two set songlist of "Parabol" and Parabola". "Parabol" being the beginning to this particular story with a very soft melodic feel. Definitely makes a interesting meditation song. Vocals are the most impressive I've heard Maynard do with Tool in my opinion. Then the song leads off to a quiet end and a roaring new start with the rest of story with "Parabola". Definitely a favorite track of mine by far. This song takes you on this level to where you literally "Celebrate this chance to be alive and breathing" as the song says. Extremely important message to the wanderers of this world at this point in time of the human race. This song is pure passion and definitely will have everyone in thought.

    Then enter the Deftones like "Ticks and Leeches" which I would definitely say the music takes me back to the days of Opiate(Tool's first release). Raw aggression with a slope of insanity about sums up this song.

    Now take a breather and take that voyage of opening up your mind again on "Lateralus". The lyrics hit the most I believe but the music is unbelievable. This song will be on repeat for a good while. Then enter what seems to be a three parter. "Disposition" is in the realms of "Parabol" as a melodic venture. The way the few lines of this track stick in your head is very interesting.

    Then almost as a huge raindrop just fell on top of your head "Reflection" soars in. A very moving few minutes of only guitar,bass,and drums then followed by some of the most impressive lyrics off the album. The vocals flow so well with the music its hard not to just close your eyes and sing along. Possibly another meditation song if you were strong enough to overcome to urge to sing with Maynard. I would say this track is in the realms of "Third Eye" off Aenima. Then the last part of the three strangely pieced together tracks, "Triad", and I can only say its more of a tribal feel and is extremely heavy. This one I definitely leave up to your own interpretations.

    "Faaip De Oiad" is the final track on the album and its almost spooky hearing all the noises blended together. This album shows the band has grown and is at a new level. The album is one to be put in the cd player and listened to from track one till track thirteen is over. Its beautiful and intriguing. Dark and light. Its more than worth your "fat-ass dirty dollar".

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