Hardware, Sex, and Misunderstanding

by Samuel Barker
September 6, 2001

File Under: Industrial/Rock
rating: B+

1. You Give

2. How Can You Love Me

3. Nothing

4. Only A Need

5. Burn Me

6. Loathing

7. Shiver

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  • Torsion
  • In a genre starving for new talent, Torsion offers a ray of light into the world of industrial music. The sound of this band is crisp and the haunting vocals of lead singer, Kathryn, makes the sound come together well.

    This offering of music, Hardware, Sex, and Misunderstanding is a glimpse into what this band has to offer musically. Even though it's only a 7 song EP, the music grabs your attention. It's based, as most industrial music is, in the synth programming, wonderfully done by George, but the addition of live drums, bass, and guitar give it an edge over bands who spend most of their time using taped music and synthesizers.

    The guitar addition adds a slicing buzz over top the steady rhythms. It's hard to believe four people can put forth this kind of layered sound. It's definitely a complex sound with some great musical ideas combined to give you a wonderful recording.

    Even though I'm not a fan of industrial music for the most part, I was greatly intrigued by this band's sound. The stalking music and haunting vocals make it have an eeiry feel that just pulls you in, while also giving you an excited edge which lacks from a lot of bands in this genre.

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