The Real McKenzies
Loch'd And Loaded

by Alex Rud
October 6, 2001

File Under: Irish Punk
rating: B-

1) Nessie 

2) Raise the Banner 

3) Lassie/Roamin' in the Gloamin' 

4) Pickled 

5) Memories of Old Paforgety 

6) Wild Cattieyotte 

7) Whiskey Scotch Whiskey 

8) Scots 'Round the World 

9) Bitch Off the Money 

10) Gi Us a Dram 

11) Donald Where's Yer Troosers 

12) Flower of Scotland 

13) Swords of a Thousand Men 

14) Bonnie Mary 

15) Ballad of Jon Silver 

16) Death of a Space Piper 

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  • The Real McKenzies are an Irish punk band. When most think of "Irish Punk," they automatically think of the Dropkick Murphys. Well, these guys are in the same vein as DKM, but they have more of the Irish feel. The band has been around for a while now, but I haven't heard them until now. It must have been due to the poor distribution of their previous labels.

    If you don't know about TRM yet, you're missing our buster. The RM is a kilt sportin', bag pipe playin', Punk band that sure to capture you attention. The CD is sure to make them a household name(well, at least in the punk scene). They have 2 more albums, which could be bought from their website, so go check their other shit out.

    Some of my favorite tracks on "Loch'd & Loaded" are: "Nessie," "Pickled," "Wild Cattieyote," which is dedicated to the memory of their friend James Alan Baab, "Scots 'Round the World," which is dedicated to all the Scottish people everywhere, "Whiskey Scotch Whiskery, and many more great songs are found on the album. The one complaint that I have, however, is that they should really use their Celtic instruments more often. They have a nice punk sound and the bagpipes do provide a nice backround, but I think they should concentrate on bringing the bagpipes and the tin whistle into the light more often.

    The band is really onto something and it shows on this CD. This is what rock music is all about: Loud, rowdy, and why not throw in some bag pipes into there. The album defenately shows a spark of brilliance, but it still has room for improvement. I will be following these guys, and see where they take their music, but for now I'll be giving this CD a lot of playing time.

    Go out and buy Loch'd & Loaded because the band knows where you live and they will be coming after you. Bitch!

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