The Omen

by Samuel Barker
July 13, 2001

File Under: Hip-hop, Rap
rating: A

1. The Omen

2. Captain

3. Hidden Signals

4. Book Of Methods (Intro)

5. Book Of Methods

6. Dogged 

7. Magic Show (Skit)

8. Me And Sam

9. Army (Skit)

10. Hard Rhymer

11. Fuck You

12. Killya

13. Lost

14. Death

15. Done Done It

16. The Noise

17. Step Up

18. Chains

19. Artifacts

20. The Habit

21. Construction

22. Take You Back

23. The Rap Assassin

24. Lyrics And Beats

25. Omen (Outro)

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  • Forget about getting the life support ready, hip-hop is alive and well in the newest release from Tunsi entiteld The Omen. Tunsi is the most refreshing thing I've heard come out of the hip-hop community in a while. His rhymes are tight and intellegent, and the beats he lays down get the head bouncing.

    This album isn't for the brain-dead who want to hear stereotypical banter about smoking weed and hanging with the boys (which can be cool sometimes, don't get me wrong), The Omen is a verbal assault on the society we live in. It's a call out to people to pay attention and wake up.

    Tunsi does a brilliant job of pointing out the inconsistencies in the government (Uncle Sam) through hard hitting lyrics like "Mr. Sam, you ainít my uncle stop lying! My so-called relative just got my people dying. Deception got my brain frying, but I guess itís a plan to keep our minds in the can." He also touches on the problems with technology taking over (Hidden Signals). He keeps it interesting, and he keeps you thinking throughout the album.

    The reoccurring theme in this album is keeping your mind open to living, not becoming a victim. These ideas are strong and well spoken. The lyrics have a feel of such hip-hop/rap acts as Public Enemy and The Beatnigs. They're intellegent illustrations of the errors in our world.

    Let us not forget the foundation on which these ideas are built. Tunsi lays down some of the tightest, hardest hitting beats you'll ever hear. Some of the early tracks have an eeiry touch that fits the songs. The music gives a sense of urgency. Other later tracks bounce at times, Tunsi is talented in making good sounds to backup his lyrical assaults.

    This album is something you definitely need to check out. It's full of socially conscious, humorous skits, and guest appearances that drive the message home. This album isn't for the weak minded, it's for the people who love hip-hop beats and like to hear what's going on in the world, the REAL world.

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