Unified Theory

by Samuel Barker
October 27, 2000

File Under: Rock
rating: A+

1. Cessna

2. California

3. Instead of Running

4. Wither

5. The Sun Will Come

6. A.M. Radio

7. Fin

8. Self Medicate

9. Passive

10. Full Flavor

11. Not Dead

12. Keep On

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  • Unified Theory
  • Unified Theory has created a brilliant piece of work with it's first self-titled release. Combining sweet bass hooks, strong rhythm guitar, powerful leads, and superb vocal harmonies Unified Theory makes one of the best rock albums I've heard in a long time. I was impressed with it from start to finish.

    Comprised of former members of bands such as Blind Melon and Pearl Jam, this band comes with a pretty original sound to break the current trend in popular alternative rock. The album's opener "Cessna" starts with some impressive lap steel and dead on vocal harmonies. Lead vocalist, Chris Shinn, is a very talented vocalist who is never off key on the album. Just hearing him gives you an idea of the songs mood. It's impressive to see someone with a great deal of vocal talent when most rock vocalists today are sufficient at best.

    The album has some great rock numbers. "Full Flavor" has a great sound. The most straight ahead rocker on the album is "California". It's got a great rock riff through most the verse, and Shinn's vocals over the beginning allows to truly feel the song. It's a great track about moving out to LA to get a start and struggling to make it. "Instead of Running" has a wonderful bass line. It gets the mood going and makes the song by keeping the groove. Bassist Brad Smith is talented in keeping the base of the song while Lead Guitarist Christopher Thorn ventures all over with his guitar playing.

    Sometimes it's best to go back to square one after you move on from a popular band, and no one supports this idea more than Unified Theory. The songs are strong and the vocals are superb. This is a band with a bright future. I'm lookning forward to the years of music coming from this band. I strongly support purchasing this album and giving it a listen. It will be worth the time and give you something to be totally impressed by.

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