Unwritten Law

by Samuel Barker
March 25, 2000

File Under: Pop Punk
rating: B-

1. Harmonic

2. Teenage Suicide 

3. Sorry

4. California Sky

5. Cailin

6. Lonesome

7. Coffin Text

8. Holiday

9. Underground

10. Close Your Eyes

11. Before I Go

12. Genocide/418 

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  • Unwritten Law
  • Unwritten Law's new self titled album is absolutely wonderful. The band does a great job of utilizing the 2 guitar setup, and makes a great sound. From the opening sounds of the guitar tuning to the last chord, this album is strong. Hailing from California, this band has the Blink 182 pop, but with a much more complex musical composition. A strong usage of octave chords, harmonics, and strong rolling bass lines this release keeps your ears tuned in the entire album.

    The opening track, "Harmonic" starts with the guitarist tuning up, and then breaks into a mellow bass fill with the sound of harmonics sounding in from the guitars. It's got a sweet sound, and pulls you in immediately. "Sorry" is an amusing number about looking for the right girl that is willing to give it up right away, and finding her. It has a nice hard intro, then kicks into a sweet riff that carries all through the verse. "Cailin" is a nice love song. It's got a nice soft melody, and sweet lyrics. The only flaw with this track is the adding of DJ scratches which totally takes away from the theme. A major error from a producer trying to give that Sugar Ray fell to the album. The best track on the album is "Lonesome". It hits you with a strong octave intro, and carries through with the power of the intro. The track then releases into a mellow area with great usage of harmonics which adds beautifully to the sound. "Close Your Eyes" is a social conscious track. It's got a sweet riff to it, nice back up vocals, and a message about how making the wrong life decisions and being intolerant can lead to your ultimate downfall.

    This was a great album at a great price. I paid $9 for this retail. No discount, sticker price. It's nice to see a great album on a good label(Interscope) on sale for a reasonable price. This band uses harmonics to a tee, and adds power to the usually hollow sound of octave chords. I recommend seeing this band live and buying this CD. Pop punk won't ever stand still as long as people keep reinventing the sound with bands like Unwritten Law So keep up with the changing sound of music and pick this album up.

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