US Bombs
War Births

by Alex Rud
May 8, 2001

File Under: Punk
rating: 4.2 out of 5

1) That's Life 

2) Orange Crunch 

3) Jaks    

4) Warstoryvilly 

5) 12/25 

6) Outta Touch 

7) U.S. Of Hate 

8) War Birth 

9) Hand Me The Downs 

10) Rocks In Memphis 

11) Beetle Boot 

12) Her & Me 

13) Don't Need You 

14) No Company Town 

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  • I have been into US Bombs for a few years now, ever since I heard them on the first "Give 'Em The Boot" comp. Since then I've heard them on a few compilations, but never did pick up any of their full length albums. I picked up their album "War Birth" and let me tell you, I was a fool not to get their stuff before!

    If you have never heard of U.S. Bombs, they are a punk band with a little rock-n-roll thrown in there, and they have a 77 type feel to them. Their songs have sing-a-long parts, kick ass backing vox and some amazing guitar playing. What more can you ask for?

    The album "War Birth" has 14 songs of good ol' Punk rock-n-roll.

    The album begins with "That's Life" a cover of Dean Kay. The piano comes in, and you get a picture of a bunch of drunken folks sitting in a bar singing along to the rock tune, guitars come in, and so the madness that is US Bombs begins. "Jaks" was my first introductory to the Bombs. It's a song about skating. "12/25" is a bands hate for Christmas, very sad song. "War Birth" (Title track) is about this kid named Eddie whose father died in the war when he was 4yrs old, and how he grows up in the trailed park, and wants to follow his daddy's footsteps. "Her and Me" is a song about "Punk Rock" love.

    So go and check this band, and don't make the same mistake that I made by holding out on buying one of their albums. Also check them out on their upcoming "Punk-o-rama" tour w/ Deviates, Union 13, and Guttermouth. It should be an awesome show.

    "The King is dead, Rock-n-Roll is dead, Punk rock lives, 77 is, the year of the wreck, train wreck, punk rock"

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