Into The New

by Samuel Barker
January 19, 2001

File Under: Alt Rock, Latin, Hip Hop
rating: B-

1. Into The New

2. Over You

3. Someway 

4. I Go On

5. La Familia

6. Modern Day Slave

7. The Beginning

8. Classico 

9. Back In The Day

10. Dia De Muerto

11. El Matador

12. Let It Slide

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  • Vallejo
  • Vallejo is a good band with a strange mixture of styles. The cover everything from straight-ahead alternative to rap, Latin influenced rock to mellow acoustic. This album has a little bit of everything to constantly keep to listener guessing about what’s to come. Their name deriving from the 3 brother core of the band’s last name, Vallejo has a great tight sound, and something that’s got a great chance of providing them a trip to the top of the music world.

    The album opens with the title track, “Into the New”. This song has a strong rock sound and gets you up, the weird electric sounds are lame, but the overall groove of the song is intact. The track, “Over You”, is very reminiscent of bands such as 311. It’s got a harder rock feel and a rap edge to it. It’s a fun song. “Someway” is a straight-ahead rocker. This is one of the better tracks on the album.

    The Latin flavor comes through strong on the track “La Familia”. It’s still rock, but it combines the elements of popular Latin music to give a unique sound. “Modern Day Slave” has some great lead work and even some added DJ cuts to the rap break. “Back In the Day” is a mellower track with a nice acoustic touch. It adds a good relaxed area to the disc. The final song, “Let It Slide” has a bluesier feel to it. It’s still got the alt. rock edge, but the laid back feel helps the transition to the rap segment of the song.

    This album was very entertaining, and should have no problem surviving in a commercial market. It’s got a very listener friendly sound, and has something for everyone. Rather than stick with only one style, Vallejo has done a magnificent job of mixing up the sounds to keep everyone into the album. A good release from a strong up and coming band. Enjoy it.

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