Various Artists
Warped Tour 2001 Compilation

by Alex Rud
October 6, 2001

File Under: Reggae
rating: C-

1) Rancid-Sick Sick World 

2) The Bouncing Souls-The Ballad of Johny X 

3) New Found Glory-So Many Ways 

4) Anti-Flag-Zapatista, Don't Give Up 

5) Madcap-Going On the Road 

6) AFI-A Winter's Tale 

7) BigWig-Sink or Swim 

8) Me First and the Gimme Gimmies-Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me 

9) H2O-Unwind 

10) Midtown-Get It Together 

11) The Vandals-S.W.M 

12) Swingin Utters-The Lonely 

13) Flogging Molly-Rebels of the Sacred Heart 

14) Might Mighty Bosstones-Providence Is... 

15) Tsunami Bomb-Take the Reins 

16) The Ataris-Looking Back On Today 

17) No Use For A Name-Enjoy the Silence 

18) Kill Your Idols-Hippie Song 

19) The Casualties-Fight For Your Life 

20) The Living End-Sleep On It 

21) Lost City Angels-Edge Of 21 

22) Buck-O-Nine-Something To find 

23) Sum 41-Tables Have Turned 

24) Deviates-Chaos 

25) Autopilot Off-Indebted 

26) Agent 51 

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  • The new warped tour compilation has been out for a month or 2 now, but I've only gotten my hands on it last week. The compilation is in a true style of Warped Tour, and that is diversity. You have your punk, hardcore, pop-punk, Emo, and other styles of music. Most of the bands were at this year's Warped Tour, so you are probably not a stranger to them. Not only are these bands familiar to you, but they also put out unreleased tracks, giving you even more of a reason why you should get this CD.

    The compilation begins with Rancid, doing their, previously unreleased in the US, song, "Sick, Sick World." Normally I dig Rancid, but this song just doesn't hit the spot. Bouncing Souls do their song "The Ballad of Johny X." The song originally appeared on the "Maniacal Laughter" LP, but this is the different version from "The Bad. The Worse. And the Out of Print."

    The Madcap song is a nice little catchy tune about going on the road with the band and leaving life behind. This song is from their recent release "Stand Your Ground." AFI's song "A Winter's Tale" is pretty catchy, but it is very poppy, contrary to their older material, which rocks my world.

    The Bigwig song "Sink or Swim," which is unreleased, is actually one of the better songs on this album, as hard as it is to believe. Usually I don't like them on a record, but this song is just too good not to like. The H2O's tune "Unreleased" is one of their poppier songs. The song is not too bad, but it's just too poppy for me.

    Vandals' song "S.W.M" is a really cure and funny song. You can never go wrong with these guys. Flogging Molly's tune "Rebels of the Sacred Heart" is my favorite song on the comp. The song will be appearing/and is the title song, of the next album. By the way this song sounds, the next FM album should pick up where "Swagger" left off.

    The Mighty Mighty Bosstones appear with their unreleased track "Providence is...." The track doesn't have any horns, but it's still good. I'm guessing that it's one of the newer songs, because it sounds like it should be on the new album.

    Kill Your Idols' tune "Hippie Song" is really great. What else can be expected from this hardcore wonder. The Casualties' song "Fight For Your Life" is probably one of the stupidest songs I've heard on the album. First, the song pretty much consists of repeated chants of "Fight For Your Life." Second, the Casualties suck. Damn fashion punks!

    Most of the bands on the album suck. There are a few good ones, that are mentioned above, but the crappy bands out-number the good bands. That's just my opinion. Go out and buy the album if you want, but don't tell me that I didn't warn you.

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