The Wes Hollywood Show
The Girls Are Never Ending

by Samuel Barker
June 11, 2001

File Under: Pop Rock
rating: A-

1. She's Gonna Let You Go

2. Prepare To Qualify

3. Nehi-crush

4. I'm A Success

5. Weston-Super-Mare

6. Growin' Up Simple

7. Miss Modern

8. H-bomb

9. Under Your Bed

10. Goodtime Girl

11. I Just Can't Get Away

12. Little Miracle

13. There Go The Girls

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  • The Wes Hollywood Show
  • All I can say about this album is that it was amazing. I have missed this sound for a while now and I am so happy someone is embracing it. The Wes Hollywood Show is a wonderful pop rock band that is very reminiscent of Elvis Costello or The Replacements.

    Very few bands today have truely embraced this sound. Bands like Weezer have adopted a revved up version, but The Wes Hollywood Show has put it all together perfectly.

    The album opens with "She's Gonna Let You Go." This song is a brilliant opener. It's got the signature sound of a true pop rock band. The guitar is slightly fuzzy, but not buzzing. The vocals are dead on, the backups add to a great deal of substance sound.

    "Nehi-Crush" is one of my favorite tracks on the album, the guitar leads are sweet. This album is well thought out and well played. It's hard to believe this is an independent release, I couldn't imagine a better sound for this album.

    The opening riff into "I Just Can't Get Away From Myself" is wonderful. I loved this song, it's a great blend of heartbreak and optimism. The music weaves the web very well. It goes from the sound of desperation to an upbeat rock sound.

    If you are looking for a breath of fresh air in the music world, you have it right here with The Wes Hollywood Show. The CD is available from various online CD suppliers. I definitely recommend you check this album out it is a great work. I enjoyed it from start to finish.

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