The Massed Albert Sounds

by Samuel Barker
September 21, 2000

File Under: Pop Punk/Indie Pop
rating: B

1. I Just Quit Rock and Roll

2. To Some I'm A Genius

3. Kiss Like An Angel

4. Wonderdrug

5. Radio

6. Summer's Over

7. Liz Phair

8. My Favourite High

9. You Haunt Me

10. El Differente

11. Volume Hater

12. I Just Quit Rock and Roll (reprise)

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  • Up until I received Weston's new CD, The Massed Albert Sounds, I believed the idea of a concept album had been left in the past. This album has a cool premise. In order to capture the band's true sound, they refused to go any higher than 2 takes on any particular song. It's what they call "the art of live production". The album sounds tight despite the limited amount of takes. This is a quality album that is from a great deal of practice. There are a few moments that could potentially have been mistakes, but in the end it all blends together to make a nice mix. This album is very soft, and follows a more indie pop feel than a punk feel. It's got a very weezer-ish, dork punk sound at moments. It's a nice mellow album.

    The album begins with "I Just Quit Rock and Roll". It's a very upbeat song musically, but lyrically it's rather down. The song features a Moog sounding instrument which gives it the up sound. Lyrically it's about giving up after a long stint trying to stay true to your music, and in the end pulling the plug to save your ideals. The album rolls through rather fluidly. "Kiss Like An Angel" is a nice sweet song. It's very soft and well played. It's a kind love song and gives a nice feeling to the listener. "Radio" is my favorite track on the album. "you can start up a band just play real loud, three dumb chords and no know-how, stupid songs about a girl are going to take over the world," this is a nice view into what fuels punk musicians. As the song states, when you get fed up with the sound-alike radio bands you have to find solice in your own music, "radio songs all sound the same you're bored with everything so far except your beat up, old guitar. "Liz Phair" is a humorous song about being obsessed with Liz Phair. "El Differente" is a song about being not being afraid about being different. The song features some weird noises, and is one of the harder songs on the album. As the band stated on their site about this song, "Allow yourself to be measured not by what you follow, but by what you inspire." The final track is a closing version of "I Just Quit Rock and Roll" it's basically the first verse followed by a whistling accompaniment to the remainder of the song.

    This album began with a great theory and turned in a pleasing result. It's nice to see bands willing to try something new, and it's even better to see them pull it off. Despite Weston only going a maximum of 2 takes per track, the album is tight and audibly pleasing. I enjoyed it greatly. The album is available from Mojo Records, and it wouldn't be a bad investment at all to pick it up and hear what a band can do with a lot of practice and the willingness to capture their true sound on a record. It's a true piece of art.

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