The Long Walk

by Samuel Barker
September 14, 2000

File Under: Pop Punk/Indie Pop
rating: B

1. A New Chapter

2. The Long Walk

3. Equations

4. Sleeping Cure

5. Blinded

6. Steady The Walls

7. An Open Invitation

8. Clothes Horse

9. Shame Faced

10. The Day After Tomorrow

11. Simple Words

12. Life Will Go On

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  • One of my favorite new sounds in music is the Indie Pop/Punk sound. Combining overdriven guitar, tight bass work, and melodic vocals to make a sound that is pleasing yet defiant in the same manner is a welcome addition to the music world. Whippersnapper is dead on with everything I just described. There bass player for this band is awesome, his sound is perfect and keeps the songs in tact. The entire band is very tight, and this album is a great display of this band's talents.

    The album begins with "A New Chapter" which is a great song about putting all the past grudges and nonsense behind you in order to find reason. The song begins with a nice bass intro, and then kicks into full swing. This song is a great intro track, and has a great deal of power behind it. The next song is the title track, "The Long Walk", this song is my favorite song on the album. The lyrical content alone is great. The song is about realizing you need to change yourself, thus "the revolution is from the inside out." The music is dead on as well, strong power pop sound. The album carries very well, it's powerful, and the vocal harmonies are perfect. "Steady The Walls" is a bit harder than most of the other songs. It's got a few metal-ish riffs in it which show the versatility of the guitarists. "Clothes Horse" is another awesome track. It begins with a nice drum intro, and the other instruments come in with a sweet lead riff by the guitars. This song is my second favorite on the album. The bass work is perfect.

    This album is strong from start to finish. It's a great buy, and a very enjoyable listen. The bass work is tight, the guitars work together well, the vocals are harmonized perfectly, and the drumming is dead on. It's available from Lobster Records and I strongly recommend picking this album up. It's great Indie Power Pop, well produced and well played, an all around good album.

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