Will To Live
Demo 2000

by Samuel Barker
September 15, 2000

File Under: Hard Core
rating: C

1. Imigrante

2. All Of The Above

3. Your Approach

4. Chiseled In Sand

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  • Hardcore is slowly becoming something that most people can find hope in. A lot of the bands have that newer metal sound such as a Pantera or a similar band. However, these "hardcore" bands are able to turn there music into something inspiring and something to better people. Will To Live from Houston, TX does just that. They're music is hard and fast, and the messages are all positive. It's not hard to see why most of these bands are so pissed off on their albums, just watch your evening news. It's frustrating to watch as good people are pushed further down by people who have no interest in their lives. As vocalist Robert Galdamez told me, it's better to be positive and make an impact with your music.

    The album opens up very hard, and Galdamez's vocals are deep and hard. The first track is "Imigrante" which is about the strugle of immigrants in todays America, and how they are under appreciated and looked down upon because of the stereotypes brought about by "the scum who give immigrants a bad name". The next track, "All Of The Above" is a look at how pointless racism is and the ideal of thinking someone holds all the answers because they are a certain color. As the song states, "Different peoples...all grappling with the same questions.....If no culture holds all the truth....then what is all the fighting about???" Will To Live's songs are all strong and confront some problem with the world that needs to be fixed. "Your Approach" is explained by the title, it's not your intensions, it's how you approach your problems and make due. The final track is "Chiseled In Sand". This song comes at a good time, as the album ends, Will To Live brings up the fact that everyone must end. This is a great view that more people need. Rather than spending a lifetime fearing death, live your life to the fullest and enjoy being alive. Because after all, everything has to come to an end.

    This is one of the better Demos I've received, that is why it made it into a review. The music was hard, fast, and dead on, the vocals were deep, hard, and demanded attention. Will To Live has made a great recording with everything you'd expect from a hardcore band, hard music and a message. You must never lose sight of the message.

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