Various Artists
Out Of The Woodwork

by Alex Rud
September 20, 2001

File Under: Hardcore, Punk, Ska
rating: F

1) The Bishops-Front Porch

2) Das Thiefs- Cranial Hijinx

3) Johnny Utah & The Pointaways-Procrastination

4) The Hick Ups-Airhead

5) Razor Dave-Skatato

6) Seedy-Shadowed

7) Sister Raisin- Synchronized Swimming

8) Just About Done- Two Peas in a Pod

9) The Rejected-Freedom

10) Mohawk Barbie-Coach

11) Out of Hand-Selfless and Ignorant

12) Churl- Nun-Whore

13) Second Best-Benless

14) One Step Ahead-You Never Cared

15) Final Sell Outs-Bad

16) Glytch-You've Changed

17) Ivet-Disease

18) Broke In-Sick of It

19) Number One Common- The Real Me

20) Hereafter-Stumble and Fall

21) Stillguard-Livng Hyprocracy

22) Lanthanum-Reaccionemos

23) Tied Down-In This World

24) Racial Abuse 

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  • I've reviewed some pretty horrible CDs in my time, but this compilation is just the worst that I have ever heard.

    "Out of the Woodwork," which is released on Grub Records features some of the worst bands to ever emerge, from, where ever they emerged from. Not only do 99% of the bands on this compilation suck, but the sound quality sucks, which makes it even worse to listen to.

    The compilation starts out with a ska band called The Bishops doing their song "Front Porch." The track is actually not too bad. It has some nice horn playing, but the sound quality really fucks the song up.

    Das Thiefs is the prime example why high school kids shouldn't form bands. The band just doesn't have any talent, and worst of all, they rip their sound off all the other "punk/ska" bands.

    Johnny Utah & The Pointaways deliver one of the most irritating songs found on the compilation. The lead singer possesses the power to make your ears bleed. The rap breakdown in the middle of the song is just something to laugh at.

    The Hick Ups-"Airhead" has a very cliche "punk/ska" sound, minus the catchines that the other bands, at least, have. Sister Raisin does their song "Synchronized Swimming." The band tries to be funny, but they fail terrible. I'm still not sure what the song is about, but it has to do something with fishes and swimming. The lead singer should really take vocal practice, because my dog can sing better than this guy can.

    One Step Ahead is one of the more decent bands found on here. Besides the shitty sound quality, the band really delivers some nice hardcore music. I would probably be into their stuff, given that the sound quality is better.

    Final Sell Outs are a metal-core band. I normally don't like metal-core, and this band is no exception. The vocals are just horrible, and the music is just something to kill yourself to. This band sucks even by metal-core standards.

    There are a lot of other bands on the compilation, but they are just horrible beyond words. Don't waste your money on this comp. Spend your money on a better CD.

    I am sorry for the 2 bands (The Bishops and One Step Ahead), who were unfortunate to end up on this piece of crap. Go check those bands out. Peace!

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