Workin' Stiffs
Dog Tired...and Then Some

by Alex Rud
October 22, 2001

File Under: Punk
rating: B+

1) On The Air 

2) Wiggum 

3) 1974 

4) Drool 

5) Stiff Sentence 

6) Petaluma Riot City 

7) Right Where They Want Me 

8) New Man 

9) Down The Show 

10) Runnin' The Flatlands 

11) New Song/Bostral Breakout* 

12) Guns, Drugs, and Tricks 

13) 1974 (origional version) 

14) New Man (origional version) 

15) Tunnel Vision 

16) Coaster Boy 

17) Security Wars/Give Me Fire 

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  • If you still don't know who The Working Stiffs are, then you better ask around. WS is a "working class" (if you can't tell from the name) band that plays in-your-face street punk, with snotty vocals, and a whole lot of attitude.

    Their new release "Dog Tired....and then some" features 17 re-mastered songs, about drinking and hanging with friends, from the now hard to find, and out of print material. The first 11 tracks come from the "Dog Tired" LP. The rest of the songs come from a few 7" that the band released.

    If you are a fan of The Working Stiffs, and punk rock in general, then you have got to run out to the store and pick yourself a copy of this baby. You should get it, even if you have the previous releases, because this is your chance to hear the stuff in new light.

    Some of the gems on this album are: "1974, "Give Me Fire," a G.B.H cover, that is sure to be a treat for you old school punks, "Bostral Breakout," a classic tune by the legendary Sham 69, and one of my favorites "New Song," by the Cockney Rejects.

    This release is sure to make your record collection so much better, so what are you waiting for?

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