One For The Kids

by Samuel Barker
June 4, 2001

File Under: Indie Pop/Pop Punk
rating: B-

1. Star Struck

2. Drifting 

3. Something Of Value

4. Trembling

5. Sureshot

6. Big Apple Heartbreak

7. Cigarette

8. October Nights

9. Rock Star Land

10. For Pete's Sake

11. A.W.O.L. !

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  • Upon reading through the booklet and seeing a violin player in the band, I didn't know what to expect. Then when I put in the CD I thought there was no way this band could pull off it off and come as anything more than a novelty act. Well, I was wrong.

    This band comes with a great blend of indie pop and straight up pop punk. They also blend in some acoustic tracks. "Something Of Value" is one of the best tracks on the album. It's a great acoustic track that has a truthful, heartfelt vibe to it. I enjoyed the acoustic tracks because it showed these guys weren't sticking to the preset pattern for pop punk bands.

    The album's opening track, Star Struck, gets the vibe rolling with a great lead in riff. The album has some great musicianship. The vocals aren't stellar, but they serve the purpose for the album. The vocals shine more on the acoustic numbers.

    The violin lead to open "Sureshot" was sweet. I am really impressed at how the violin just mixed in so well. It's great to see something beyond guitar, bass, and drums work in a punk band.

    "Rock Star Land" is one of my favorite tracks on the album. The violin adds a very desperate sound to the music. This vocals really shine on this track as well. It's really the best all around track on the album.

    This album is available from Lobster Records or from wherever you buy music. This is really a great album from a promising young band. It's definitely something worth checking out.

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