Yes Virginia

by Samuel Barker
March 1, 2001

File Under: Funk/Rock/Pop
rating: A-

1. Thank God For That

2. Down Below

3. DaWaDeToMaYoLoMoFo

4. Angel 

5. Deedee Wants To Come Over

6. Superman And Superdemon

7. How The Lord Made You

8. Drop Damn Nation

9. Just One Turn 

10. Deviled Egg Box

11. Disappear

12. Up Above

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  • Yes Virginia
  • If you want to pinpoint where Yes Virginia's sound comes from just read their "thank you" section in the CD booklet. There is a touch of all those musicians listed and then some. Combining the sounds of acts such as Prince, Micheal Jackson, Parliament, and Stevie Wonder, Yes Virginia comes with an amazing release in Overeasy.

    The album moves you from start to finish. I personally got swept away by everything going on in the album. Matt Stone, who sings and plays on the album, wrote or co-wrote all the songs on the album. You can get a great idea of the artists he loves when popping the CD for just a few minutes. The rest of the band, Jamie Moore, Jill Seifers, Bennett Paster, and "Why Not" Jansveld all have a hand in the creative process of this band, which makes it clear why there are some many interesting things going on within them album.

    The album begins with "Thank God For That". This song has a great fucky rock sound. It's a lot like some of the newer Beck material, but it has a more serious lyrical edge to it that Beck's music. The usage of guitars is barely missed on this album. The bass playing is strong and the keyboards totally make the music. "Down Below" is total funk. It's got a strong George Clinton-ish sound. The beauty of this music is the fun it provides while displaying some great talents in the musicians playing the tracks. "DaWaDeToMaYoLoMoFo" comes at you with the old school robot vocals from the 80's.

    Yes Virginia's sound is very upbeat and works to get your blood flowing. The vibe of the music is great. You can't help but have your pulse increased by the music. "Superman and Superdemon" stays with the old school sound. The mix of 80's pop with soul and funk makes all the songs on this album dead on. "Just One Turn" is probably my favorite track on the album. I love Matt Stone's take on life and the story he tells in the song. The lyrics of these songs all follow suit with the music perfectly.

    The mix of fun music, interesting lyrics, good harmonies, and skilled musicians makes this release one of the best albums I've heard lately, especially from this genre. I can see a very bright future for this band, and can't wait for them to get big enough to tour the states, because I'd guarantee you this, an album this fun can't help but produce a show just as if not more fun. You can get this album from the band's website. I strongly urge you to get it, it's one of the best.

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