Youth Of Today
Can't Close My Eyes

by Alex Rud
April 19, 2001

File Under: Hardcore
rating: B

1) Expectations 

2) Crucial Times 

3) I Have Faith 

4) Youth Of Today 

5) Take A Stand 

6) Positive Outlook 

7) Can't Close My Eyes 

8) We Just Might 

9) Youth Crew 

10) Take A Stand 

11) Stabbed In The Back 

12) We Just Might 

13) Wake Up And Live 

14) Standing Hard 

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  • Without a doubt, one of the most influential hardcore bands ever is Youth Of Today. Hailing out of Connecticut in the late 80s, Youth Of Today captured the new generation of hardcore listeners, and taught them the ways of "clean living" (Also know as straight edge.)

    Their debut album, "Can't Close My Eyes," was originally released on Kevin Seconds (singer of 7 Seconds) "Positive Force" label as a 7"; however, it has been out of print for 6 years now. Thanks to Revelation Records, this album is back, with 5 extra tracks for your listening pleasure.

    This album features their original lineup: Ray Of Today; vocals, John Porcelly; Guitar, Graham Phillups; Bass, and Darren Pesce; drums.

    Youth Of Today's music can be described as Pissed off-traditional hardcore with a positive massage. While listening to this band, one can't help it, but move around. It's hardcore the way it was meant to be.

    Can't close my eyes has 14 in-yer-face hardcore songs. Some of my favorites are "Positive Outlook," which is about having a positive outlook on life and respecting yourself, your body, and others. The title track "Can't Close My Eyes" deals with violence on the streets. "Youth Crew" is about the straight edge followers of today, it goes out to them. "I Have Faith" is believing in the human race, that we aren't all bad people and that there are some good ones out there. "Crucial Times" deals with the unity of the straight edge scene and how the rest of the world should be so close.

    So go get this album on Revelation Records, and add to your collection one of the greatest hardcore bands ever. "Physically strong, morally straight, positive youth, we're the Youth Of Today!"

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