Zaida Alfaro
Train Ride

by Samuel Barker
December 23, 2000

File Under: Folk, Pop
rating: B+

1. Falling

2. Wherever You Go

3. Don't Turn Around

4. Without You

5. Train Ride

6. This Morning

7. Keeper Of My Heart

8. Down The Road

9. Third Day

10. Take Me

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  • Zaida Alfaro is a great new talent in the music world, her combination of poetry, folk guitar roots, and shear honesty make for a great sound. Coming from a musical background where she grew up singing, it seemed like a natural transition for her to become a professional musician. However, it was not until her adult life that Zaida picked her trade, when working for her producer.

    From hearing this album you'd have no idea of the short time Zaida has been playing guitar or the fact that she was self taught. Her talents far outweigh her inexperience as a guitarist, and she does a great job on rhythm and vocals. With these talents and a superb backup band, Zaida Alfaro produces a great piece of music that is quite enjoyable.

    The album begins with the upbeat track, "Falling". From this opening track you can hear the strength of the vocals, and the talent of all the musicians. This follows directly into the second song, "Wherever You Go". This song has some great moments of Zaida doing her song all by herself. These are the most shining moments of the entire album. I would love to hear and album of Zaida doing her songs with just her voice and her guitar. The accompaniment of the backup musicians adds a great deal of texture to the sound, but it takes away from the beauty of the songs intentions. The songs are great tales of moving on and love. "Keeper of My Heart" is a great love song. It's got some great lead riffs.

    It's refreshing to hear something as honest and fun as this album. It's upbeat and allows you to feel the motivations behind the songs. I personally listened to this album a few times back to back when I received it. It's very fresh and keeps it's strength time and time again. If you are looking for an album with strong tracks, great ideas, and a great vibe, this is a wonderful album for you. The album is available off Zaida's website. It's a great pick up I highly recommend.

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