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File Under: Rock
rating: D

1. You Think I Ainít Worth A
Dollar, But I Feel Like
A Millionaire 2. No One Knows 3. First It Giveth 4. Song For The Dead 5. The Sky Is Falliní 6. Six Shooter 7. Hanginí Tree 8. Go With The Flow 9. Gonna Leave You 10. Do It Again 11. God Is In The Radio 12. Another Love song 13. Song For The Deaf 14 .Hidden Track Mosquito Song
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    Songs for the Deaf

    Interscope Records
    by Susan Salva

    The band Queen of the Stone Age should consider re-titling themselves Queen of the Stone Heart, for they are completely lacking one. Heart is the essence that makes us connect with a band. Heart gives us the enthusiasm and concern for a band, especially one that can motivate and elevate us to a higher plateau or present us with a message that causes us to act.

    Unfortunately, these highly touted rock musicians are really un-deserving of the praise and adulation, which they have recently received from numerous music critics and the hum of good friends. Surely, these tunes were meant for the deaf, because they are fortunate not to be able to naturally hear QOTSA. The music is very simplistic, terribly repetitive and intentionally annoying. Probably, their intent.

    Yeah, they might pull off a few Jimi Hendrix riffs or make their tone reminiscent of Stone Temple Pilots. But as a music critic and musician myself, I found them incredibly derivative, unimaginative, and incapable of forging their own path. Well, maybe they will carve their own path, but I probably wonít be listening to it.

    Certainly, having Dave Grohl, of the Foo Fighters sit in on the disc probably raised a few eyebrows and opened the wallets of devout Nirvana ~ Foo Fighter fans willing to plunk down $16.99. But the music does absolutely nothing for me.

    Maybe Iím missing something? Or perhaps all of the songs that are screaming out the same chords over and over again ad nauseam then taking a short break and resuming their churning and thudding across the fretboard must certainly have something to communicate? Iím just not sure what?

    I intentionally went totally out of my way to purchase this CD. Simply by going solely on the recommendations of several respected critics, I found out how easily one can feel duped into thinking a band is Ďhotí or Ďsignificantí simply because others say so, that includes radio stations too. Before buying the disc, try and listen to one sample track. If you like, you can do that by going to www.QOTSA.com and make up your own mind.

    But obviously, other critics were listening to something that I was not. Iíve listened to all three of their CDís including the most recent, Songs for the Deaf. After one full listen through of the CD, I wanted to scream. My brain wanted to explode. But, I thought it only fair to give it another try, maybe my EQ was off and maybe they were not that bad, they couldnít truly be that awful. But they were.

    Putting the CD into the player, I could not bear hearing any more of their music. I couldnít get past track five out of fourteen tracks. It was like being in an insane asylum or being hit over the head repetitively with a metal hammer, but again that was probably their intent.

    As long as I have been a part of the music industry, I have never really felt like the critics or friends of mine were taking me for a ride. Not until now, that is because it seems to me incomprehensible how many people just love these tunes. Different strokes? You could put felt on the back of the CD and use it for a coaster. Infinitely, more useful.

    Sure, there is definitely a huge buzz on this band and people are clamoring for tickets to see their live shows, but spare yourself and your ears, treat yourself to a good movie instead. It felt completely deceieved that so many respected critics could stand behind this musical drivel from musicians Ė Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri.

    Honestly, I couldnít wait to buy a copy of Queen of the Stone Age. But believe me, after listening to track after track it was an agonizing pain or like a trip to the dentist. I couldnít wait to eject the disc from my CD player. I pity those who follow the buzz of this beehive. When you truly put this product to the test against other brilliant bands that are happening on the scene today, these guys just donít measure up. Proceed on your own accord, but remember that you have been forewarned.

    Susan Salva is a Staff Writer. Contact her at susan@rockzone.com.

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