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File Under: Cello Rock
rating: B+

1. Bad Moon Rising (Creedence Clearwater Revival)

2. Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd)

3. Tourniquet (Marilyn Manson) 

4. Fire and Ice (Pat Benatar)

5. This Little Piggy (Traditional)

6. All Tomorrow's Parties (Velvet Underground)

7. Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin)

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    Lost & Found 2nd Edition (EP)

    Instinct Records
    by Jason Cipriano

    A lot of people might think that cellos only belong in the orchestra pit at an opera, or perhaps, for the "smart" kid in the middle school string ensemble. Alas, the girls of the Ladies Cello Society will be the first to disagree, and show you that there is more to cello playing then grand recitals, and orchestral performances. Rasputina is one of the most original bands to come along in a long time. On their new EP The Lost and the Found 2nd Edition, Rasputina redoes some of the most beloved songs from the past 30 years, touching on some of the most important artists like Led Zeppelin and Marilyn Manson.

    There is more than one tricky thing going on with The Lost and Found 2nd Edition. For one, it's a cover album, and cover albums aren't always the best way to appreciate an artist's full potential. Rasputina's other albums, such as 2002's Cabin Fever, are more likely to showcase not just the band's unique sound, but also their very creative writing style. But on The Lost and Found 2nd Edition, Rasputina is not only are they just covering songs, but they are also covering very important songs, ones that are potentially the most well known for the bands that originally released them. Some people might be offended that someone, anyone, much less someone playing the cello, is covering Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here." Another traditionally complicated aspect of this album is that it is an EP. Most people usually aren't as willing to spend $11.99 on 7 songs, when they can get a full album for only a few dollars more, especially if the songs on the album aren't even by the artist.

    There is a twist on this album though, and it is that the covers are extremely good. There is something very haunting about Melora Creager's vocals (even more haunting than Nico's original performance of "All Tomorrow's Parties"). She has this amazingly powerful voice that just sucks you in, and makes you forget that you are listening to a cover, she makes the songs her own. The cellos even seem to fade away, sounding like regular electric guitars, allowing the band to leave the listener with an air of good old fashion rock and roll.

    As far as each individual track goes, all of them are worth at the very least a listen, except maybe for "This Little Piggy." Yes, I'm talking about the "This little piggy went to market/ This little piggy stayed home," song that you may remember from your childhood. Rasputina's adaptation of the track is perhaps their original sounding song on the album, but it just doesn't seem to have the same feeling as the remainder of the album. Conversely, "Fire and Ice" is one of the most amazing covers I have ever heard. Ms. Benatar should be proud such an eclectic group chose to cover her song, and then made it sound a whole lot better than she ever did.

    Sometimes EPs are put out to satisfy fans that have not heard new music in a while, which is one of the reasons that this album was probably released, however Rasputina fans should not be the only ones to pick up this album and give it a listen. Anyone who likes music that is outside of the ordinary, or anyone who is a fan of the original tracks covered on The Lost and Found 2nd Edition should give it a listen to see how someone playing a cello might tackle one of their favorite songs.

    Jason Cipriano is the Senior Editor. Contact him at jasonc@rockzone.com.

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